Vacuum TrendsThe AEG Global Vacuuming Survey 2013 has revealed the latest vacuum cleaning trends from around the world.

According to the survey Koreans use Vacuums more than any other nationality with 11% admitting to using them more than once per day.

Time Spent Vacuuming

While they clean more often, Koreans were also the quickest cleaners with 68% of users in the country vacuuming for less than 30 mins each time.

People in Brazil spent more time vacuuming than any other country with 22% spending between 1-2 hours each time, followed by Portugal at 20%.

Vacuuming Time Of Day

The most common time of day to vaccum is the morning with 38% choosing to clean early, followed by 28% in the afternoon and only 9% in the evening.

Colombians vacuum more in the morning than any other nation with 82% preferring that time of day, while 16% of Chinese prefer the evening time.

While Vacuuming

36% of those asked said they listened to music while vacuuming which was the most common activity, while 16% of Chinese said they problem solve.

Most likely to dance while vaccuming is 18-30 years olds (51%) and Columbians (67%) with Japanese only dancing 8% in comparison and 51+ 19%.

What’s Important When Buying A Vacuum

How people choose to buy a new vacuum cleaner also varies considerably with 30% globally stating dust pick-up was the single biggest factor. The second is power/wattage at 16%, followed by quality/durability (15%).

57% of Chinese said the amount dust a vacuum picks up is the most important, although only 7% of Colombians and French agree with them.

UK vacuum users are most annoyed by low dust pick up than most countries with 24% saying this was their greatest issue with vacuums.

Not surprisingly then the most important factor for UK users is dust pick with 45% saying this is their main concern, above the 30% global average.

What This Tells Us

This survey shows us how vacuum companies are likely to start targeting consumers around the world with new products and designs to fit their needs.

The UK are obviously willing to accept noise over large dust pick-up so therefore it would make sense that is it has to be one over the other noise will stay.

Erik Mulders, head of floorcare UK, Electrolux said,

“The results of this survey show just how diverse consumer wants and needs around the world are, and how essential it is that we know and understand them. Consumer insight is the basis for all product development at Electrolux and plays a vital role in ensuring we can continue to develop products that meet consumer needs, where ever they are in the world.”

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