Commercial Industrial Water Saving Devices

We have a range of products suitable to help you save money in Scotland. The commercial water saving devices are specially selected to efficiently save your business money.

Commercial Water Saving Devices

  • Water Leak and water alarm

When there is a leak it can sometimes be weeks or even months before you notice. By this time you’ve wasted plenty of water and created unnecessary costs. We also typically find that whilst the leak has cost money, replacing the wood or other material damaged by the water in the surrounding area can also take time and cost money.

Avoid costly repairs and save money by installing one of our reliable water waste alarms for your commercial premises.

  • Waterfuse

The advanced feature of the water leak and water alarm is the waterfuse. The waterfuse alerts the user to the problem but it’s also built with a cut off valve for security.

  • Eco Shower Head

If your commercial premises require efficient use of washroom water from a shower then the eco shower head is perfect for you. The 9 jet turbo massage provides a range of water pressure which you can control. The utility can fit on all standard units and combines the luxury style and design with efficient performance.

  • Infrared taps

Traditional hand-turned water taps are outdated are replaced with infrared washrooms taps. Not only is it a cleaner way to stop the spread of bacteria, but it can save your business money. The infrared water saving taps are only activated when somebody places their hand underneath the tap. So, water won’t run if there is no need, ultimately, saving you money.

  • Washroom Protector

Our washroom protector is a state of the art system which turns off the washroom water supply when the system is not in use. This device ensures that water wastage is completely eradicated. You will save money for your business by efficiently managing the water usage.

Water Saving Services Scotland

If you require a quotation for any of our water saving services in Scotland then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Oak Industrial.

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