Waste Disposal Service

Since the early 1990’s safe sanitary waste disposal has been a requirement under UK law. In 1992 the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation recommended female toilets should be provided with a suitable system to dispose of sanitary waste.

However, before this the Water Industries Act 1991 stated that no sanitary waste should be allowed to be flushed down a toilet which could cause problems for the sewer or drain system.

At Oak Industrial we can help your business with its compliance by support you with sanitary waste products. You can adhere to the legislation by providing the necessary sanitary waste management. Oak Industrial can provide a wide range of washroom services in Scotland.

Sanitary Disposal Units

For environmental reasons, procedures and processes should be in place for every businesses sanitary waste.

Thankfully there are products and services available from Oak Industrial which can help you with your sanitary disposal requirements.

We have three sanitary bins which discreetly and safely meet the legislative requirements for sanitary waste. Each of the three sanitary bin options are designed to be position next to the toilet for easy disposal of sanitary products.

The bins fit perfectly into any size of cubicle or toilet system. The varying size of bins means that if your washroom area is always in use, the sanitary bin will always be able to manage a high level of usage.

The built in modesty tray from our sanitary disposal units mean the waste is out of view from other people using the sanitary bin.

Why Use Oak Industrial Sanitary Bin?

The range of Oak Industrial sanitary bins meets the needs of all washrooms areas because of

  • Our 3 different sizes of washroom cubicle
  • The modesty tray which hides waste after it has been disposed in the bin
  • Unpleasant odours are removed via our environmentally BioSach
  • You receive our usually high standard of customer service and support

Sanitary Waste Disposal Scotland

To find out more about sanitary waste disposal in Scotland, please get in touch via our contact us page.

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