Urinal Outlet System

Our recommended Urinal Outlet System has proven a popular choice for commercial washroom areas.

The patented system locks odours within the urinal to ensure your washroom area is pleasant. Salt blockages and urine stains are reduced by using our urinal outlet system which is attached to any standard urinal. The specificially designed mint odour released from the urinal outlet system ensures your washroom environment remains welcoming.

Urinal Outlet System Saving Water

At Oak Industrial we want to help you to save money on your water. The urinal outlet system can help you save up to 96% of your water usage at your urinals.

By installing one of our urinal outlet systems into each of your urinals you are protecting from the build up of excess salt, lime scale and bacteria, meaning your urinals should last a lot longer. This benefit increases waste water flow reducing blockages and reduces maintenance call outs. Coupled with the additional fresh fragrance released after use means a urinal outlet system is essential for your washroom.

How to Buy a Commercial Urinal Outlet System

You can purchase your urinal outlet system by getting in contact with Oak Industrial. We will discuss your business needs and aim to support you and your business with our wide range of commercial cleaning products and services coupled with our excellent customer service.

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