Commercial Soap Dispensers

Our range of soap dispensers is designed to meet every business requirement, for the small office through to multi-chain restaurants and retailers. Each soap dispenser is unique and designed to meet a specific business requirement.

Pure White Commercial Soap Dispenser

Our starter commercial soap dispenser is able to hold up to 1000ml of soap and will suit most washrooms. Your commercial soap dispenser can be stored on the wall and is easy to access at the sink area. The soap is effortlessly dispensed into the hand via the pump available.

Transparent Soap Dispenser for Washroom

Unlike the pure white commercial soap dispenser, our transparent CleanSenz soap dispenser uses a see through container so you can ensure you never run out of soap. The transparent soap dispenser ensures your washroom area is always well stocked with soap and objects or other items are not lodged within the soap container.

Auto soap Dispenser for Washroom

Our auto soap dispenser for your washroom allows your service user to place their hand under the soap dispenser and catch the soap in their hand. This is the most hygienic way to wash your hands as you don’t have to touch the soap dispenser.

This system utilises infrared technology to sense that the soap should be dispensed effortlessly onto the user’s hands.

In some industries an auto soap dispenser is essential to stop the spread of bacteria and destroy germs.

Selecting Your Washroom Soap Dispenser

If you are searching for washroom soap dispensers for your business then Oak Industrial can help you. Our expert team will talk you through your exact requirements including the products, what kind of soap would be best, how to install the products and much more.

Our exceptional high level of service to meet your business needs demonstrates the value we have for each and every one of our customers. All of our products come with a manufacturers guarantee.

We can supply Deb products for the building industry to ensure your work force have the right skin protection and skin cleaners for the environment they are working in, including the Swarfega range of hand cleaners.


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