Commercial Hand Dryers

Our hand dryers are environmentally friendly, cost effective to run and feature a stylish ergonomic design.

The eFlow hand dryers are up to 80% more cost effective compared to alternative systems to dry your hands in a lavatory. Paper and cotton hand drying techniques are no longer cost effective and are damaging to the environment, but with the eFlow hand drying system you can save money and become environmentally friendly at the same time.

Best Washroom Hand Dryer

Our hand drying systems use an intelligent infrared technique to start the drying process. This rduces the spread of germs and is more hygienic.

The water tank feature on each of our hand dryers captures drips so the water doesn’t gather on the floor creating a potential health and safety problem. Gatheri ng the water in our water tank is avoid bacteria and pollution congregation on the floor.  It’s been proven that the filter on our hand dryers also stops 99.997% of bacteria.

Why Use our Recommended Hand Dryer?

There are many reasons why we think you would be interested in our recommended eFlow hand dryer for your commercial lavatory needs.  For example the eFlow hand dryer is

Hygienic: The filter used on our hand dryers is the HEPA 15 which offers the highest standard of hygiene available. Effectively the filter ensures that the high pressure air is clean and drying hands free of germs.

Quick: With the eFlow hand dryer you are experiencing fast hand drying. It takes between 10 and 15 seconds for hands to be left dry. This is accomplished as a direct result of the double compressed blade air flow on both sides.

Made in the EU: The eFlow hand dryer is designed, produced and manufactured in the EU, ensuring the highest standards are adhered to.

Low Cost Maintenance: Due to the few moving parts built into our hand drying machines our hand dryers are service friendly and are unlikely to require extensive maintenance. Should you require components there is a full UK service support available.

Guarantee: You will receive a 5 year guarantee on your parts of 350,000 dries along with a 2 year free service repair.

Energy saving: Our machines use a low amount of energy, saving you money at up to 80% less charge than other hand drying systems.  The automatic detection provided by the infrared technology means the hand drying system is not operating when it’s not required, again, saving you electricity and money.

Zero Spash: The unique water tank at the bottom of the hand dryer captures drips and helps you avoid a potential health and safety problem from slippery floors. It’s also more hygienic to capture the water in a tank than to have it gathering together at the bottom of the floor where germs and bacteria can multiply.

Hand Dryer Specifics

Material: ABS

Sound level: Lower than 70 dB

Power: 875 w each / 1750 w total

Motor speed: 32,000 rpm

Voltage: 220 – 240 v / 50 – 60 Hz

Blowing Volume: 345 m³/h

Air speed: 83 m/s

Dry time: 10 sec

Splashproof rating: IP31

Electric shock safeguard: Double insulated

Weight: 9.5 kg

C Surface mounted

E marked

5 year warranty

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