Floor Care Services

It’s a costly exercise to constantly be cleaning your carpets and hard surface flooring, never mind time consuming for your business. Dust and dirt is brought in off the street and directly into your premises which can ultimately mean replacing your carpets and flooring more often because of everyday wear and tear.

Our solution to this problem for your business is protection in the form of floor mats.  This cost effective solution means dirt and rain won’t travel through your business premises, but stay where they belong, at the front door.

Our Range of Commercial Mats

Your Logo: You can personalise your mat with your logo or branding to help add colour and a professional touch to your commercial mat.

Robust Mats: If you have a high quantity of people passing through your business premises daily then you may prefer the robust mats Oak Industrial can provide. These mats are specifically designed for retaining dirt.

Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Mats:  An innovative mat has been produced which has proven to help people standing last for longer. This is achieved because of a cushion provided within the mat. When working in a restaurant the chefs are always on their feet. The protection and comfort offered by our cushion mats can improve efficiency in a business.

Mats for Bacterial: When bacteria are a primary concern for your business then you need our anti-bacterial mats. Designed and produced with a thick rubber, these mats reduce bacteria spreading throughout your business.

Scraper mats: Our scraper mats are rougher as a result of the bristles to ensure dirt is trapped at the front door. This mat is best suited to tough outdoor environments where there is lots of dirt, such as building sites.

Why Use Oak Industrial for your Floor Care Services?

We care about your business and that includes keeping your offices clean and tidy. Some of the reasons you should consider Oak Industrial for your commercial floor care services are;

  • We are an experienced and professional floor care specialist
  • Our office floor care mats will protect your business flooring and can save you money in the long term
  • We will help brand you floor mats to provide a professional image
  • Oak Industrial will help with your health and safety as work as our mats help to reduce slipping or falls cause by rain.
  • A cleaner office, with less dirt and bacteria will minimise the likelihood of your employees taking time off work sick.

Floor Care Service Scotland

For more information about how Oak Industrial can help with your floor care service needs, please get in touch via our contact us page.

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