Purchase Baby Changing Area for Business

Customers have high expectations of washroom services and it reflects the level of customer care you provide when your washroom area has baby changing facilities.

A baby changing area is essential for some parents and they will avoid business locations where they know there isn’t a baby changing facility. That’s why our range of baby changing facilities could work in tandem with your business.

Baby Changing Facilities for Washroom

Our range of baby changing facilities include

  • Baby changing tables: Whether you need a baby trolly, a wall mounted baby changing table or a secure mat, Oak Industrial can provide the safe and hygiene solution to your baby changing area needs.
  • Nappy Disposal Units: Our hygienically developed nappy disposal units are an environmentally friendly solution to throw away used nappies.  The internal air freshener ensures smells are eliminated and the washroom environment remains fresh and welcoming to other users.
  • Child Safety seats: Ensure children are safe while in your washroom by supplying a baby safety seat which the parent or guardian can use.

Quotation for Baby Changing Facilities

If you would like a quotation for any of our baby changing area services we would be happy to supply you with this. Please get in contact by emailing Oak Industrial or telephoning 01738 632935.

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