Air fresheners for your washroom and workplace

If your washroom or workplace is in need of a commercial air freshener, then look no further than Oak Industrial. Our range of air fresheners have been carefully selected to provide you with a wide selection of the freshest smelling fragrances.

Commercial Air Freshener

As one of the most powerful of the five scenes, smell can have a definitive impact on a person’s thoughts and opinions about a washroom. You can have the cleanest looking washroom but if you fail to maintain the smell of a fresh washroom then it’s instantly noticeable.

Air Fresheners are used to create a relaxing, energetic or even awakening mood for people when they enter your washroom area.

Our digital air freshening dispensers are designed to suit your requirements. The digital releasing fragrance dispensers are provided with a 5 year guarantee . The dispensers come in a variety of colours, can operate for 12 months consecutively without needing their batteries changed, the alarm function will alert you when the air freshener is empty, you are able to set the interval level and you can set which days the fragrance dispenser operates.

Carefully Selected Air Freshener Fragrances

Each air freshener should be carefully selected to evoke the desired reaction. At Oak Industrial we will help provide you with the exact fragrance to meet your customer’s requirements.  We care about every aspect of your business and always want to ensue we’re getting it right. That’s why we take air fresheners so seriously at Oak Industrial. It’s not just a smell, but a statement about your washroom environment.

Washroom Air Freshener

Our range of washroom air fresheners have been specifically created and thoroughly tested in laboratories to ensure they last longer than competitor’s products and consistently perform to a high standard. This is achieved in our washroom air fresheners but selecting the right scented oils and using micron release technology.

Different Washroom Air Freshener Fragrances

The variety of different washroom services fragrances available from Oak Industrial included berry, spiced apple and cinnamon, lemon sherbet, apple orchard and mandarin.

We can help you select a fragrance for different locations. For instance, you would probably prefer a different fragrance in each workplace, ie staff common areas, reception areas or locker rooms to name a few. We can choose the right fragrance to suit the location for you.

Ask us today about our range of washroom air freshening products.

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