Washroom Hygiene StudyA new study has revealed office workers spend an average of 1 working week every year in the company washroom.

The study of 6,000 office workers was carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene which found 41 hours was spent over the course of a year in the washroom.

The study into washroom hygiene and habits also revealed 27% of office workers didn’t wash their hands every time they visited the toilet.

Dr Peter Barratt, Initial Hygiene Technical Director said:

“It may sound like a terrible pun but businesses and employees alike can’t just wash their hands of the issue. As the flu and Norovirus season looms on the horizon, we all need to take more responsibility to improve our hand hygiene.

“Employers need to ensure the right facilities are available as well as providing plenty of soap, sanitising gels and hand drying equipment. It’s a small investment, but as the research shows, improved hygiene in the office can have a big impact on levels of job satisfaction, which in turn helps businesses to succeed.”

Something which was alarming from the study was the number of people using their mobile to surf the internet, with 9.8% admitting to using it.

Using a mobile in the toilet will increase the risk of spreading germs because the vast majority of people are unlikely to clean their phone when finished.

Oak Industrial have a number of simple techniques and tips we offer clients to help reduce the risk of spreading germs between workers.

Washroom Hygiene Tips

  1. Place A Sign – putting up a sign may seem like an over oversimplification but we have found it can be enough to make employees feel like it’s something they should be doing.
  2. Refill Hand Wash – Always having hand wash available is of course the most important part of stopping germs spreading.
  3. Keep Washroom Clean – It never ceases to amaze us how much difference a clean washroom can make to employees washing their hands or keeping good general hygiene.
  4. Bins – Having bins spread around the office can stop people from having to travel across the room with dirty tissues or other infected items.
  5. Regular Inspections – Inspecting your toilets on a regular basis and making sure any hygiene threats are dealt with quickly is vital.
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