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As commercial cleaning specialists we love the opportunity to clean difficult and complex projects. It’s why we clean everything from offices – desks, floors and kitchen areas – through to the outside of high level buildings. Our specialist heights team can work at any level and have been helping businesses keep their premises clean since 1995. But, none of the buildings we help keep clean are as cool at these buildings.

Today, 6th March 2013, we’re listing our top 10 coolest buildings to clean from around the world. Check back throughout the day as we’ll be adding more and more to the list until we finalise the top 10.

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Number 1: Innocent Smoothie

Innocent drinks should be issued with a certificate and maybe even a cup for being so cool. From their launch they’ve done things differently and their office is no different. Their packaging wasn’t just a way to bottle their lovely fruit drink but a way to make people laugh. They used comedy openly and we’re afraid to try something new. The same can be said for their office environment. It’s open planned with plenty of green plants and spacious surroundings. The benches and games tables make creativity flow and the meeting rooms are more like a coffee shop than a boardroom.

For this, Innocent drinks must make it into the top 10 coolest offices!

innocent Office






Number 2: Red Bull

You don’t necessarily need wings to work at Red Bull because they’ve installed a slide for their employees to get between floors! This has got to make it into the top 10 coolest office to clean list. The comfortable seating areas, relaxed feel and flowing architecture make Red Bull a stand out place to work. In terms of cleaning it looks fresh and easy to clean.

Would you like to work here?










Number 3: Google

Ah, the internet giant that is Google has done it again. The Google offices include play areas, slides and and a chilled out working environment. Bright colours and vibrant community areas make Google a fun place to work but I’ve no idea how they’ll keep that slide so clean!

Google Offices








Number 4: Horizon Media

Horizon media is a New York based company and their offices are out of this world. The building design is warm, fresh and inviting. The  spacious environment is ideal for cleaning! Super awesome office space!

Horizon Media office








Number 5: ANZ

Melbourne based ANZ have made it into our top 10 coolest offices. They sheer size of the building should be noted but it’s the intricate details that make the difference. The office includes bright break out zones, quiet areas, public cafes and an art gallery! You have to see it to believe it!












Number 6: DTAC

Bangkok based DTAC is a telecommunications company with a difference. The company has created a light, spacious environment for their employees and other stakeholders, with pool tables and fun zones. It must be a hard task to keep all those lights in working order! Can you imagine the electricity bill?









Number 7: Technology Centre Medical Science

The Technology Centre Medical Science is based in Berlin – look how clean it is!! A team of people will clean this building round the clock. The building has to be recognised as a cool office simply because how clean it’s kept. The beautiful architecture is easy on the eye.

Technology Centre Medical Science









Number 8: Moving Picture

The Los Angeles office of Moving Picture is out of this world. The space themed office is a cool office for sure. Fresh and innovative in design and beautifully clean. This must make the top 10 of coolest offices. Moving Picture has worked on popular commercials and it’s not surprising they continue to grow.

moving picture










Number 9: Ogilvy & Mather

The Guangzhou office for Ogilvy and Mather is a carnival of fun. The design of the building is open planned across multiple levels and has the carnival theme running throughout. The design is award winning and worthy of a place in our top 10 coolest offices to clean!

Ogilvy and mather









Number 10: Youtube

Our last cool office in our count down has to be YouTube. I mean seriously, they’ve placed a huge red fun slide in their office. A round of applause is required. Trying to shimmy down the slide slowly to keep it clean must be some task.









There must be more cool offices which we’ve missed out. What do you think about our list? Can you add to it or make it better?

We’ve cleaned car parks, factories, the outside of high rise buildings and cleaned up after flood damage, however some of these buildings would be a fantastic cleaning experience.

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