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We recently explained about our office cleaning Scotland services as part of our commercial cleaning Scotland support. In today’s changing economic climate it’s important to partner with organisations that meet your similar business standards, that can be competitive on price without compromising on quality.

With almost 20 years experience with commercial cleaning in Scotland, Oak Industrial is a partner you can rely on for your business needs. Our commercial cleaning and washroom services offering has grown through word of mouth since 1995 and continues to thrive today.

Commercial Cleaning Scotland

Each company we work with is unique, they provide different services, operate at different hours and have a different level of support required from Oak Industrial. It’s this uniqueness we love. There’s nothing better than getting to know a company, understanding the complex intricacies that make the business unique and then finding ways to exceed our client’s expectations.

The most important aspect of commercial cleaning for Scottish companies is reliability, which is where we excel. Our commercial cleaning is flexible, reliable and customise to your business need. Whether your business needs daily office cleaning,  one off cleaning, carpet and upholstery services, factory cleaning or a number of any other commercial cleaning services we provide, a director at Oak Industrial will be happy to talk through your needs and create a proposal for your consideration.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Scotland

Our commercial cleaning team in Scotland offer an extensive range of cleaning services for businesses. We split our divisions into cleaning and washroom services. Commercial washroom support includes managing public facilities, ensuring lavatories and toilet areas are clean and tidy, washrooms are well stocked with expected items and the electrical appliances are operating as standard.

Our commercial cleaning team often work with city centre offices to provide daily, weekly or infrequent cleaning of office locations. We can also provide industrial cleaning services for builders, factories and commercial business units.

We own all of our own industrial cleaning equipment and have been operating cleaning offices, factories and helping people and business with flood damage repairs since 1995.

Quick Commercial Cleaning Quote

If you ask us for a quotation for commercial cleaning or washroom services you will be glad you got in touch. Our prices are competitive while our business support and commercial cleaning standards are exceptional.

You can receive a free quick quote from Oak Industrial by giving us a call on 01738 632935 or completing the quick quote form of the side of this page.

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Breaking & Cleaning

11 Dec

Sometimes we stumble across stories we just have to share with you. This made us chuckle and thought it could brighten up your cold Tuesday Scottish

A women in Ohio, America broke into a person’s house to help clean it up. She’s now being described as the “cleaning fairy”. Although, I’m not quiet sure that she’s a real fairy. After breaking into the person’s house and cleaning the premises she left a $75 bill.

The 53 year old said she was bored and needed something to do, so broke into the property and cleaned the coffee cups, emptied the kitchen bin, hoovered the entire property and dusted.

Although being sentenced for the first time, the perpetrator has admitted doing this before. She said she breaks into properties, cleans them and then leaves a bill on a napkin with her phone number.

She has been sentenced to do 20 hours of community service and put on probation for one year. Anybody else think she might enjoy 20 hours of community service if it’s cleaning?

Desperate to Clean

At Oak Industrial we love to clean. From high rise buildings to daily office cleaning, we just love keeping businesses clean. However, we’re not going to break into a commercial property and start cleaning. We prefer if you get in touch with one of our lovely customer service team and speak with one of our Directors about your cleaning needs. We’ll then set a tailored schedule based around your needs and arrive at a time you expect us.

You can get in touch with us about your commercial cleaning requirements by telephoning us directly on 01738 632935 or by completing an enquiry form on the side of this page.

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When hundreds of people pass through one place, it’s going to need cleaned frequently. In Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and indeed throughout Scotland, our shop cleaning service is in demand. An unclean shopping environment can lead to disgruntled customers and with greater choice of shopping location than ever before, shops and shopping centres are doing everything they can to attract customers to a safe, clean shopping environment.

Oak Industrial already manages shops and shopping centres, from the cleaning of floors and stairs through to managing washroom areas. This includes making sure the washroom is cleaned frequently and is always well stocked. In Scotland we’ve become specialists at cleaning shopping environments with our eco friendly products and qualified staff.

Shop Cleaning Scotland

Each shop we clean in Scotland is different. The amount of cleaning, the products we use and the style of cleaning is customised based on each shops cleaning requirements. It doesn’t matter if your shop is based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness or the Borders, we have the people to keep your shop clean and sparkling!

Some shops only need a one of clean on a frequent basis, where as other shops require a daily clean to keep the standard very high. The level of cleaning within our washroom area is very high so we will often be on-site regularly to maintain the cleaning standards we expect for our clients.

Many of our clients state that the cleanliness of their shop makes it more appealing for people to enter and then spend money. So a clean shop is a happy shop is the motto one customer used.

Cleaning Businesses Across Scotland

Oak Industrial has been cleaning businesses in Scotland since 1995. We provide a wide range of services from cleaning offices and shops through to our washroom services support. We’re the people who can clean high rise buildings but more often we clean high street shops and offices. We love to clean.

Being a Scottish company with almost 20 years experience, we’ve learned that a clean shop is extremely important to our clients and to the customers who shop in the business premises. We take pride in the work we do and the standard of cleaning is maintained at a high standard. The reporting and mystery shop testing we do ensures the cleaning standard is kept high and clients remain happy.

A Clean Shop Is A Happy Shop!”

We would invite you to test our shop cleaning in Scotland standards. We can introduce you to existing clients in order for you to get independent feedback. Alternatively, get in touch and we will show you some of the shops we clean at present, so you can carry out your own mystery shopper!

Shops Commercial Cleaning Support

For our best commercial cleaning support, you can get in touch by telephoning us on 01738 632935 or by completing a quick quote on the side of this page. Our quotes are free and you are under no oligation to proceed.

Between our level of service, tailored support and excellent pricing, we will ensure you get value for your money with our Scottish shop cleaning service.

Remember, there is no job too large or small for Oak Industrial. We have over 100 staff in Scotland cleaning everything from offices and shops through to washrooms and car parks. Literally, we clean everything, we give us a call on 01738 632935 for more information.


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