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Air Freshener Unit

04 Feb

The trick to managing a successful washroom area is in the scent. The smell of a washroom area will linger in the mind long after a person has left the washroom area. An air freshener unit within the washroom area is a simple, cost effective route to ensure your washroom area smells fresh and clean at all times.

Commercial Air Freshener Unit

The advancement of commercial air freshener units has come a long way. The design and technology used is far more advanced compared to household air fresheners. Our air fresheners for washroom areas are built to meet your needs.

For example, why would you want the air freshener to spray a fresh aroma when nobody is using the facilities? Well, our air freshener units are intelligent and know when to release the fresh fragrance and when it’s not necessary. It’s more than a timer system and it means businesses can be cost effective in their washroom area, without having to worry about compromising the level of quality.

There are various commercial air freshener units and we adapt our service and product range to meet your business needs. Our air freshener units also come with a variety of fragrances. These fragrances are tailored specifically for each commercial organisation.

Business Washroom Air Freshener Unit

Our washroom air freshener units are vital for any washroom services area. Visually, a washroom area should always be cleaned to a very high standard, soap dispensers should be stocked as should vending machines, however often the other senses are forgotten about.

The smell of a washroom area is just as important as the visual aspects. Washroom areas should be inviting and one way to do this is to ensure your washroom smells fresh and clean. An air freshener unit releasing a short burst of fragrance at an appropriate time can be the difference between a positive washroom experience and a negative one.

Why an Oak Industrial Air Freshener Unit?

There are plenty of commercial air freshener companies on the market but nobody like Oak Industrial. It’s because since 1995 we’ve been constantly adapting to remain the best customer service cleaning company in Scotland.

We support our clients from start to finish with cleaning and washroom services. Whether it’s an air freshener unit or washroom cleaning we can help. Our clients know they can trust us whatever the project. Our high level cleaning team, builders cleaning team or washroom services experts will provide the same quality of service for every client.

If you would like to find out more about our washroom services and air freshener units then please telephone 01738 632935.

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