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As a washroom services cleaning company based in Scotland, it’s easy for us at Oak Industrial to say we are the best company, however, of course we would say that. When you’re hiring a cleaning company you don’t want false claims which are unsubstantiated, and neither do we.

washroom cleanerActually, at Oak Industrial it’s vital that you’re happy with your cleaning company so if there was ever a project where we were not the best company for you we would tell you. In fact, we have been known to recommend other companies. For instance, a company heard about our services in Manchester and wished us to provide washroom cleaning services. Unfortunately we felt we would not be able to meet our own high standards because of logistical problems – we only operate in Scotland – and that our service quality would be compromised. As a result we recommended another company. For us, it’s only the best for every one of our clients or nothing at all.

It’s this honesty that has served Oak Industrial well since 1995. So, that’s why we believe it’s essential to hire the right washroom cleaning company.

I Need a Washroom Cleaning Company

washroom cleaningSelecting your washroom services cleaning company can take time and effort but it’s worth the hassle. In the long term you will have selected a partner who will save your business money, provide reliable support and an exceptional cleaning service.

When you need a washroom cleaning company it’s best to have an idea in your mind of the service, price and quality you expect. You may be over or under your expectations but at least you’ll be able to set a benchmark and move it accordingly.

For example, how many times a day, week or month would you need washroom cleaning services? What price are you expecting to pay? What products are being used and how qualified are the cleaning team?

Which Washroom Cleaning Company Should I Hire?

If you need a washroom services cleaning company then selecting your partner can be difficult. Here are our tips for

  1. Speak to respected industry associates as they may be able to recommend somebody. At Oak Industrial we appreciate when existing or previous customers recommend our services to another company. An Industry associate will be likely to know a local company with the experience to provide a high quality service. Alternatively, they could tell you about companies to avoid!
  2. Check the age of a company. Many cleaning companies are very new to the commercial cleaning industry and that can mean that larger projects can be much tougher to manage long term. Oak Industrial was worked with small companies and large blue chip companies alike since 1995.
  3. How quickly a company can react will make a difference for many companies. You want to partner with a company that can be there when you need them, even if it’s short notice. We have over 100 staff across Scotland.
  4. 4.       Get a quotation! It may eventually come down to price and while we always say look at the value, it can often be that the level of service and experience are tied between a number of companies so the price becomes a factor.
  5. 5.       Finally, before you hire a washroom cleaning company in Scotland it’s always advisable to speak to an existing customer who is receiving a similar service to the one you need. This will help you understand if the company is actually delivering the service it says it can.

Quotation for Washroom Cleaning

We always provide every client with a free no obligation quotation as standard. Furthermore, we’ll detail exactly the level of service you can expect for the money so you have all the information to make an informed decision on your washroom cleaning partner.

If you would like to speak to us about your washroom services cleaning needs please call 01738 632935 and a director at Oak Industrial will be glad to speak to you about your cleaning needs.

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