Scottish Parliament Cleaners to get living wageCleaners at the Scottish Parliament are to receive the National Living Wage, taking their income to £7.85 per hour. Currently cleaners get the National Minimum Wage, which is £6.50 per hour, giving cleaners directly employed by Holyrood a £1.35 per hour increase.

Initially the change will only affect 26 staff, including cleaners and caterers, however from next year those employed via contractors will also be included. The increase wage also means the Scottish Government will be accredited as a living wage employer.

The change was announced by Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick, she said,

“I am delighted that – as an employer – the parliament has moved to ensure the Living Wage guarantee now extends to all staff who work directly at the parliament.

“The cost of meeting this commitment is relatively small in financial terms but is hugely symbolic to employees and employers alike.

“Ensuring that employees receive decent pay and conditions is the hallmark of a good employer and I hope that our decision will encourage other organisations across Scotland to make the same commitment to their staff.”

The current Scottish Living Wage is based on the cost to live, taking inflation into account, making it financially easier for Holyrood cleaners to live. The increase will also have a positive effect on the Scottish cleaning industry in general, with a greater emphasise on improving the wages  of cleaners.

Last month Inverclyde Council announced they will begin paying all of its staff the National Living Wage, despite being on of the smallest councils.They are first council to implement the new living wage.

The council now employs 750 people who will receive the increased pay, which was back dated to November, when the Living Wage was set.

Council leader Stephen McCabe said:

“The Living Wage pays a fair rate for low paid workers. Now the national rate has increased it is right we reflect that in the money paid to our lowest paid workers.

Cost for Commercial Cleaning

There’s an argument to be made that paying the Living Wage to cleaners will make them more productive in their job and help organisations retain employees for longer.


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