Government to tackle Scottish LitterThe Scottish Government have announced plans to tackle the country’s £78 million litter problem and keep streets clean.

Research found the cost of dealing litter across Scotland reached nearly £80m per year between £53m spending cleaning it up and £25m spent on it’s external affects.

The draft by the government has been named “Towards a Litter Free Scotland” and it could mean fines for littering or fly tipping are increased.

Under current plans the government aims to,

  • Increase communication, education and support for business
  • Providing/servicing bins, product design, guidance and future funding
  • Improve the effectiveness of legislation and training

The plans were discussed at a national litter submit in Edinburgh where Environment Secretary Mr Richard Lochhead said,

“Scotland really is a beautiful country and in this Year of Natural Scotland we want to do all that we can to show it at its best. Let’s not miss this huge opportunity to show the Scotland’s magnificence.

“I want our National Litter Strategy to achieve a clean, safe environment for people who live in and visit Scotland – where littering is no longer acceptable. The strategy we consult on will be a package of measures to encourage people not to litter or flytip. Today’s attendees will help shape our proposals which will also include how education and infrastructure can support clean, safe communities.

“Litter costs local authorities, transport providers and other businesses millions to clean up – and we all pay for it. We can each take personal responsibility for disposing of waste responsibly and avoid this unnecessary and expensive eyesore.

“I encourage councils and the police to use their existing powers to issue litter and flytipping FPNs and I will consult on whether it would be helpful if the level was raised from £50. Over the next few months we will work with local authorities and others to identify what the consultation should propose.”

The Scottish government also wants to tackle marine litter which costs £16m per year but also threatens Scotland’s wifelife and coastlines.

Plans to deal with marine litter include introducing the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, which was created by the European Commission.

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