We’ve been providing companies with industrial cleaning since 1995. Our customer service, affordability and responsive support ensures we remain an outstanding choice as an industrial cleaning company.

Industrial cleaning is about providing the right level of service, at the right price. Our cleaning techniques and products and eco-friendly and industry leading which is accompanied by our exceptional customer service.

Industrial Cleaning Company

Industrial cleaning equipmentCompanies contact Oak Industrial for a number of different reasons. From an emergency industrial clean, through to a regular scheduled clean, our specialist industrial cleaners are experts at getting the job done.

We first started industrial cleaning in 1995, but now we’ve grown to complete a wide range of industrial cleaning projects. Some of the most famous buildings in the UK have been cleaned by Oak Industrial. We’re involved at present with the building of a new entertainment arena.

Some of the major projects we can complete includes factory cleaning, kitchen cleaning, pub and restaurant industrial cleaning, builders cleaning, washroom services cleaning and much more.

You’ll be amazed at what our specialist industrial cleaners can clean. Our industrial cleaners can clean the tallest of buildings or the largest of industrial factories.

Specialist Industrial Cleaners

Ultimately, our industrial cleaning is tailored to your needs. If you need industrial cleaning services then our specialist industrial cleaners are on hand to help.

We’ll meet with you to understand your requirements and explain exactly what we can do. Our industrial cleaning team will then get to work on your behalf.

It’s easy to get in touch with us. Just call¬†01738 632935.

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Industrial Cleaning Company, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Oak Industrial


Oak Industrial is a commercial cleaning and washroom services specialist operating across Scotland. Since 1995 we have been supporting commercial organisations, charities and voluntary groups with their cleaning and washroom services needs.

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