We’re proud to say that since 1995 we’ve grown as a commercial cleaning company due to the fact we are so highly rated. But, we couldn’t have done it without our customers.

Our customers sing our praises and often introduce our services to new companies. This word of mouth exposure is the primary reason we’ve been providing commercial cleaning in Scotland for almost 20 years.

Commercial Cleaning Scotland: Our Customers

We asked one customer what they liked about working with Oak Industrial. The answer was simple. “The service is reliable. The quality is fantastic and the price is affordable… what more could I ask for.”

Subsequently, we’ve been introduced to other companies who required office cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, washroom services management or a number of other services we can supply.

The key is to look after your customers. The businesses we support are like an extension of our own company. It’s for this reason we work extremely hard to resolve any problems. For example, a factory required an emergency clean with less than 24 hours notice. As the factory cleaning specialists, we worked to ensure the factory was cleaned to the highest standards, despite less than 1 day of notice. We were able to complete this project to our usual standard and one time, leaving our client happy.

Commercial cleaning in Scotland is about adjusting to meet our clients business demands.

Commercial Cleaning CustomersQuality & Service Commercial Cleaning in Scotland

Placing the customer at the heart of everything we do ensures we meet our quality commercial cleaning standards. Some of the methods we use to manage and monitor our quality standards is to provide management evaluation spot checks, director to director meetings with our clients to discuss the quality of our cleaning as well as customised reporting.

For new customers who are not introduced to us by an existing client, we are happy to make an introduction to an existing client so you can get feedback on our service. We’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved at Oak Industrial over the past 20 years and our clients are fundamental to our growth.

If you’re interested to know more about the history of Oak Industrial, or would like information about our commercial cleaning services please telephone¬†01738 632935.

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Oak Industrial


Oak Industrial is a commercial cleaning and washroom services specialist operating across Scotland. Since 1995 we have been supporting commercial organisations, charities and voluntary groups with their cleaning and washroom services needs.

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