Water and flood damage to your property can feel devastating, but with the right support your property can be as good as new. Unfortunately we can’t control “acts of God”, but you do have the choice on how you resolve the problem.

Whether it’s a sewage back surge, storm damage or considerable flooding damage, we are on hand to help get you back on your feet. Our flood damage team will tailor our skills to meet your needs.

Scottish Flood & Water Damage Repair

The flood damage team will assess the water damage to your property and then explain what would be required to fix your property.

Regardless of whether the problem is burst water pipes or extensive river flooding, we are well known for our immediate and proactive service.

Once the water has been removed, we ensure your property is completely dry via one of our many techniques. We are skilled professionals and you will be able to benefit from our years of experience providing water damage repair support across Scotland.

Water Damage Repair

Repairing water damage professionally is essential as mould can cause severe health problems for people with a poor immune system or vulnerable people like children or the elderly.

There are different classifications of water damage which can often depend on the colour of the water (clean water, grey water and black water). We will take the responsibility of clearing the water and restoring the property back to its original stature.

The products we use are friendly to the environment and people who may come in contact with them. However, the products have been tested to guarantee they are powerful enough to efficiently sanitise the property. Hygiene testing after water damage is extremely important to us so we will test the area before finalising the project.

We operate across Scotland and provide a quick service with our typical call out being achieved within a couple of hours.

Quick Flood and Water Restoration

Get our emergency water and flood damage repair team to quickly repair your premises back to new. Our specialist team have been repairing flood damaged properties since we opening in 1995 so we are experienced Scottish flood damage repair experts.

For speedy help with your damaged property you need to call 01738 632935. We’re on hand 24 hours a day in case of emergencies.

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