Daily-Office-Cleaning-ScotlandExperience is everything in office cleaning. That’s why, when you’re looking for a Scottish daily office cleaning company you should speak to Oak Industrial. We’ve been cleaning offices from Inverness to Gretna and Glasgow to Edinburgh since 1995.

Back then we had 3 members of staff, but as our demand for office cleaning grew and our reputation as a reliable, affordable and high quality office cleaning company increased, we’ve now got over 100 employees.

Daily Office Cleaning in Scotland

When it comes to our daily office cleaning service, we’ve been providing tailored cleaning solutions for businesses since 1995. It’s this experience which helps us exceed our customers expectations. However, we’re often asked what we will and won’t clean as a Scottish daily office cleaning service. Well, unlike many office cleaning providers, we don’t limit ourselves to what we can and cannot clean. For instance, we can even clean the outside of high rise buildings with our specialists heights cleaning team.

A standard daily office clean will include;

  • Floor cleaning, including hoovers carpets
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of desks
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Office stairs cleaning
  • Computer cleaning

Our cleaning team are expertly trained and we are fully certified to provide commercial cleaning services to companies in Scotland. There’s very little our cleaning experts can’t clean so challenge us today. All of our products are powerful enough to clean 99.9% of germs whilst being eco-friendly.

Many of our clients require us to clean at a specific time during the day, which we can fully accomodate because each daily office cleaning schedule is custom made to suit each client’s demands. We fit effortlessly around your business to ensure a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment is enjoy by your clients, staff and business associates.

Top Scottish Commercial Cleaning Locations

Our top locations in Scotland for office cleaning is, as expected, in the high volume areas where the demand is greatest. We have office cleaning in Glasgow, daily office cleaning in Edinburgh and several clients who require frequent, if not daily office cleaning in Aberdeen, Inverness, Livingston and office cleaning in the borders too.

One of the benefits of working with Oak Industrial is that we’ve grown since our inception in 1995 t0 a cleaning company with over 100 members of staff. So, you can rely on us to meet most of your cleaning expectations. We’re a close company and value each and every member of our team. It’s this family-based community that we’ve built which has helped our company become one of the most successful Scottish commercial cleaning companies.

Regardless of where your company is based, Oak Industrial can provide our exceptionally high quality service at an affordable price. We’re able to meet your daily cleaning requirements because of the number of staff we employ, our years of experience and because we already operate on a daily basis across Scotland cleaning offices.

Hire Your Scottish Daily Office Cleaners

Oak Industrial provides commercial daily office cleaning services to a wide variety of businesses across Scotland, whether your business is city centre in Glasgow or just off the motorway, we’ll be there to help keep your business clean and running smoothly.

If you already have a daily office cleaning service with another company then why not compare our level of service and pricing to understand whether our support would be better suited to your business. We clean for large multi-national corporations as well as small to medium sized companies too. Regardless of the size of company, every client receives a tailored cleaning service at an affordable and value for money price.

Get a quick quote today by completing our side enquiry form or by telephoning us directly on 01738 632935.


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Oak Industrial


Oak Industrial is a commercial cleaning and washroom services specialist operating across Scotland. Since 1995 we have been supporting commercial organisations, charities and voluntary groups with their cleaning and washroom services needs.

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