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Washroom Hygiene StudyA new study has revealed office workers spend an average of 1 working week every year in the company washroom.

The study of 6,000 office workers was carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene which found 41 hours was spent over the course of a year in the washroom.

The study into washroom hygiene and habits also revealed 27% of office workers didn’t wash their hands every time they visited the toilet.

Dr Peter Barratt, Initial Hygiene Technical Director said:

“It may sound like a terrible pun but businesses and employees alike can’t just wash their hands of the issue. As the flu and Norovirus season looms on the horizon, we all need to take more responsibility to improve our hand hygiene.

“Employers need to ensure the right facilities are available as well as providing plenty of soap, sanitising gels and hand drying equipment. It’s a small investment, but as the research shows, improved hygiene in the office can have a big impact on levels of job satisfaction, which in turn helps businesses to succeed.”

Something which was alarming from the study was the number of people using their mobile to surf the internet, with 9.8% admitting to using it.

Using a mobile in the toilet will increase the risk of spreading germs because the vast majority of people are unlikely to clean their phone when finished.

Oak Industrial have a number of simple techniques and tips we offer clients to help reduce the risk of spreading germs between workers.

Washroom Hygiene Tips

  1. Place A Sign – putting up a sign may seem like an over oversimplification but we have found it can be enough to make employees feel like it’s something they should be doing.
  2. Refill Hand Wash – Always having hand wash available is of course the most important part of stopping germs spreading.
  3. Keep Washroom Clean – It never ceases to amaze us how much difference a clean washroom can make to employees washing their hands or keeping good general hygiene.
  4. Bins – Having bins spread around the office can stop people from having to travel across the room with dirty tissues or other infected items.
  5. Regular Inspections – Inspecting your toilets on a regular basis and making sure any hygiene threats are dealt with quickly is vital.
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Whenever i use a washroom which uses unique sinks it adds a subtle but important element to my experience with the company which uses them.

It may only be a small detail but there is nothing like a unique washroom sink to make you feel like your using a quality service or product.

In my experience a washroom can say a lot about it’s owners and so when someone has taken the time to find and install a unique sink it shows attention to detail.

Here are some of my personal favourite washroom sinks

Ammonite Washbasin Sink

Created by Cloakroom Solutions, the Ammonite Washbasin sink has a unique swirl effect which and it’s sized can be customised between 1200mm to 3000mm.

It’s also possible to get it in difference colours and the tap can either be wall mounted such as in the pictures above or the standard deckmounted tap.

The Family Basin

Vitra have created possibly the greatest sink for families, The Family Basin is perfect for any washroom which is likely to be used by a lot of families.

As the picture above shows the Family Basin has been made so children and parents can wash their hands at the same time, with a specially designed space for towels.

The Motif Basin

The Motif Basin has a glass bottom with pebble stones underneath giving it a spectacular bright look. This washroom sink is perfect for high quality restaurants, spas etc.

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We’ve just completed a number of washroom services quotes for current and potential new customers. They vary from daily washroom cleaning, vending supplies, providing washroom products and water management support. Every washroom services quote is different and should be reviewed annually to make sure a business is as financially efficient as possible.

Washroom Services Quote

When it comes to changing washroom services provider the first task is to request a quotation on a like-for-like basis. There are various reasons to change your washroom services provider, as well as reasons to stick with your current provider, we’ve listed some of the reasons we’ve heard before.

Reasons to change washroom provider?

  1. Poor service: Customer service is essential and being ready at a short notice can be the difference for some businesses between remaining with an existing washroom services company.
  2. High costs: If costs continue to increase annually you should query these and question whether you’re really getting value for money.
  3. People: The expression “people buy from people” is true. If a company has changed hands, management has been replaced or valuable staff have left then you may leave the company too.
  4. Quality of products used: Often people find the quality of products used in the washroom don’t meet their expected standards.

Reasons to stay with washroom provider?

  1. Exellent Support: You may stay with an existing washroom  provider because their support is outstanding.
  2. Flexible: A flexible washroom services provider is worth keeping because they will care for your business when you need them most.
  3. Affordable Price: The price is affordable and you feel you’re getting a valuable service can help make the decision to stay with an existing washroom service provider.

In any event, you should get a quotation to compare the level of service, price and support. If you can save money and get the same service then it’s often worthwhile changing company. Newly established companies often try to undercut larger suppliers, which is a false economy because they can’t manage the project. Select a supplier that understands your business, can provide a competitive washroom services quote and deliver on their promises.

Annual Renewal Washroom Quote

If you’ve recently received your annual renewal quotation for your washroom then take some time to search and ensure you’re receiving value for money. We provide free, no oligation washroom services quotations. As soon as we receive your enquiry we’ll have a discussion with you to understand your expectations, budget and business washroom requirements.

If it’s time to renew your washroom services contract please consider giving us a call. We’ve been providing washroom services for businesses since 1995 and help companies across the UK, from SMEs to multi-national corporations.

Quick Quote for Washroom Supplies

Many people don’t realise that we provide washroom services in-house and that our supplies are provided directly from Oak Industrial. If you would like a quick quote for any washroom services please complete the enquiry form below and we’ll be back in touch shortly.

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Extra Information


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There’s a wide variety of support and services from Oak Industrial and just one of the services we provide is stocking business with the necessary materials to keep their business active.

Many businesses don’t need us to clean their offices or manage their washroom area, but they don’t want an excellent price for the essentials.

Janitorial Supplies Scotland

Our janitorial services means your company can call Oak Industrial and receive quick delivery of the cleaning and washroom essentials. Some of the products which fall into the janitor services we offer include,

  • Delivering toilet rolls, soap, hand towels, bins, vending machine products
  • Helping to select the air freshener fragrance and supplying the air freshener when necessary
  • Support with waste management

Whatever your business need, just give us a call and we can create a plan of how Oak Industrial can help.

Janitorial Services in Scotland

Our janitor services team tailor our support to each client’s need. Whether you have a busy washroom and need our support daily, weekly or monthly, we can customise a plan to suit your needs.

When you partner with Oak Industrial you get our experience and support as standard. Our clients who use our janitorial services also have the benefit of calling on us during emergencies, such as unexpected staff illness or emergency replacement of washroom products. Our clients are essential to how we operate and at the heart of everything we do.

Speak to Oak Industrial

Regardless of the level of support you need, your business can rely on Oak Industrial. Our experience and reputation means we work with businesses in Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and down to the borders. We’re one of the few industrial cleaning companies which operates across the whole of Scotland.

If you would like to hear from Oak Industrial about our commercial cleaning and washroom services, including our janitorial services across Scotland, then please get in touch. You can email us via our website and we’ll call you back or give us a call on 01738 632935. If you’re local, we’re based in Perth at 31 George Street, Perth, Scotland, PH1 5LA so why not drop by and say hello, alternatively, we can come and visit you.


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As a washroom services cleaning company based in Scotland, it’s easy for us at Oak Industrial to say we are the best company, however, of course we would say that. When you’re hiring a cleaning company you don’t want false claims which are unsubstantiated, and neither do we.

washroom cleanerActually, at Oak Industrial it’s vital that you’re happy with your cleaning company so if there was ever a project where we were not the best company for you we would tell you. In fact, we have been known to recommend other companies. For instance, a company heard about our services in Manchester and wished us to provide washroom cleaning services. Unfortunately we felt we would not be able to meet our own high standards because of logistical problems – we only operate in Scotland – and that our service quality would be compromised. As a result we recommended another company. For us, it’s only the best for every one of our clients or nothing at all.

It’s this honesty that has served Oak Industrial well since 1995. So, that’s why we believe it’s essential to hire the right washroom cleaning company.

I Need a Washroom Cleaning Company

washroom cleaningSelecting your washroom services cleaning company can take time and effort but it’s worth the hassle. In the long term you will have selected a partner who will save your business money, provide reliable support and an exceptional cleaning service.

When you need a washroom cleaning company it’s best to have an idea in your mind of the service, price and quality you expect. You may be over or under your expectations but at least you’ll be able to set a benchmark and move it accordingly.

For example, how many times a day, week or month would you need washroom cleaning services? What price are you expecting to pay? What products are being used and how qualified are the cleaning team?

Which Washroom Cleaning Company Should I Hire?

If you need a washroom services cleaning company then selecting your partner can be difficult. Here are our tips for

  1. Speak to respected industry associates as they may be able to recommend somebody. At Oak Industrial we appreciate when existing or previous customers recommend our services to another company. An Industry associate will be likely to know a local company with the experience to provide a high quality service. Alternatively, they could tell you about companies to avoid!
  2. Check the age of a company. Many cleaning companies are very new to the commercial cleaning industry and that can mean that larger projects can be much tougher to manage long term. Oak Industrial was worked with small companies and large blue chip companies alike since 1995.
  3. How quickly a company can react will make a difference for many companies. You want to partner with a company that can be there when you need them, even if it’s short notice. We have over 100 staff across Scotland.
  4. 4.       Get a quotation! It may eventually come down to price and while we always say look at the value, it can often be that the level of service and experience are tied between a number of companies so the price becomes a factor.
  5. 5.       Finally, before you hire a washroom cleaning company in Scotland it’s always advisable to speak to an existing customer who is receiving a similar service to the one you need. This will help you understand if the company is actually delivering the service it says it can.

Quotation for Washroom Cleaning

We always provide every client with a free no obligation quotation as standard. Furthermore, we’ll detail exactly the level of service you can expect for the money so you have all the information to make an informed decision on your washroom cleaning partner.

If you would like to speak to us about your washroom services cleaning needs please call 01738 632935 and a director at Oak Industrial will be glad to speak to you about your cleaning needs.

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We’ve been providing cleaning and commercial washroom services since 1995 and through our years of experience we’ve learned a number of things. One of these things is that there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction.

As a result, we always ask our customers for feedback on our service. This is usually completed on a qualitative method with an informal chat, however, this doesn’t demonstrate the level of service we provide. It can also mean we don’t always know how to improve our service which we constantly strive to do.

Review Oak Industrial

We’ve setup review areas on independent websites so our customers can review our cleaning and washroom services support.

If you are currently a customer of Oak Industrial, or have been a customer in the past, please help us by taking 5 minutes to visit a review website below to review our service. Your honest feedback is always appreciated.

You can review Oak Industrial here at Free Index or Yellow Pages.

Thank you for your time.

Recommended Cleaning Company

We believe we are a well respected and highly thought of commercial cleaning and washroom services company and the word of mouth referrals we receive from existing clients reinforces our belief that looking after our clients should always remain our top priority. Becoming Scotland’s most recommended cleaning company is our goal, so thank you for helping to support this objective.

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As well as cleaning washrooms across Scotland we provide a washroom management service. This means we can ensure the washroom area is well stocked and always in pristine condition for the next person.

One of the services available from Oak Industrial ensures that we keep the vending machines well stocked at all times. Vending machines can hold a variety of popular products. Whether your washroom vending machine supplies include mints, condoms or painkillers, the washroom management team at Oak Industrial can help keep your washroom vending supplies stocked.

Washroom Vending Machine Supplies

You’ll have been in commercial washrooms where you will have seen and possibly even used the vending machine. We help companies across Scotland with their washroom vending machine management.

We can supply the commercial vending machine products for your washroom or we can help you manage your entire washroom area. Our washroom services team operate across Scotland and can help your business with everything from soap dispensers through to cleaning your washroom area. The benefit of working with Oak Industrial is that we are a flexible provider of washroom services and tailor our services to your business needs.

Why Have A Vending Machine in Your Washroom?

There are two primary reasons to have a vending machine in your commercial washroom:

  • Extra income: Mints and other products are sold at a premium price because of the convenience of the vending machine. You can make extra income from having a vending machine.
  • Customer service: Many customers now expect to see a vending machine in a washroom area. Customer satisfaction would be maintained for many people if they could use a commercial vending machine in a washroom.

Commercial Washroom Vending Machine

If you would like to speak to Oak Industrial about your commercial washroom vending machine then please telephone 01738 632935 or complete a quick enquiry form and we will be back in touch shortly.

We are happy to provide a no obligation quote for your business.

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We’re providing commercial air fresheners for washrooms and have been doing so since 1995. 

Do you need a washroom air freshener? We are a Scottish company, based in Perth, which operates across Scotland providing washroom services. We’ve been washroom specialists since 1995 when we first opened and have grown because of our flexibility to meet our clients needs and expert cleaning.

As well as supplying hand dryers for washrooms and commercial cleaning, we also ensure every element of the washroom is covered for our clients, including the aesthetics, such as washroom air fresheners.

Washroom Air Fresheners

We provide commercial air fresheners across Scotland for lots of different businesses. These include:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants / Pubs
  • Churches
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Sporting venues
  • Business parks
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Conference centres
Where there is a business washroom, there is the need for a commercial air freshener.


Other clients have managed to set air freshener challenges for us, but we always exceed their expectations where others can’t. Our air freshener units and be set to a timer, discreetly placed in a washroom or even be automatically turned off when they are not in use. When selecting a washroom air freshener it’s important to know that we hold a complete range of different air fresheners so can support you in choosing the correct air freshener for your business.

Which Scottish Washroom Air Fresheners are Best?

We’ve helped hundreds of different companies with their washroom needs. Here are some questions you can ask to determine which type of air freshener your washroom area should use:

  • How frequently do you expect the air freshener to be used?
  • How busy is the washroom area?
  • Do you have multiple washrooms and could there be a discount available?
  • Will you need to refill the fragrance can frequently?
  • What fragrance would best suit your business?
  • How often do fragrance cans have to be ordered / delivered and then changed?
These are all questions which we can help you answer and build the perfect washroom services support for your business. We see our service support as an extension of your existing business so you can rely on us to be there when you need us and constantly in the background helping your business.

We get great discounts and savings off our commercial washroom air fresheners which we can pass onto our clients. If you’re interested in finding out about the great deals we can offer, just get in touch by telephone 01738 632935 or complete a quick quote form on the side of this website and we’ll be back in touch

Get A Commercial Washroom Air Freshener

Our washroom air fresheners provide a value for money service, whether it’s the washroom air freshener unit you require or the refill bottle we can support your business. Each client has a record at Oak Industrial and if you’ve previously purchased an air freshener from us then we’ll know the fragrance that is associated with your company.

If you have never previously purchased a commercial washroom air freshener from Oak Industrial then give us a try. Our customer service and low price air fresheners are of exceptional quality and brilliant value for money.

You can get a commercial washroom air freshener from Oak Industrial by simply calling our telephone number which is 01738 632935 or complete our enquiry form and we’ll be back in touch. We operate across Scotland, with washroom air fresheners in Glasgow and Edinburgh being most popular because they are the largest cities. We are often in Aberdeen and Inverness for our clients or even as far south as the Borders providing washroom services so we’re available to meet.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to stop by our office for a coffee and to meet with our team to discuss your washroom cleaning needs.

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With an Oak Industrial water management system you can reduce the amount of water your business uses in the washroom toilet areas. We have a range of different systems which can automatically monitor and regulate the water in your washroom.

Our water management systems provide the most innovative ways to save money within your washroom area, without your accountant worrying about you overspending. The techniques and devices we use to save you money really will be cost effective for your business.

Benefits of Our Water Management System

There are plenty of reasons for your business to install a water management system and some of these include.

  • Lower your costs: When you implement a water management system you can lower your costs by up to 80%.
  • Your business will be environmentally friendly: When you implement the water management system you are reducing the amount of water your business is using. This not only saves you money but also reduces the amount of water your business uses.
  • Save time: Our water management systems are programmed to be automatic in the way they operate so you can manage your water useage without actually being anywhere near the washroom.

Best Water Management System

When selecting your water management system you may not know which options to proceed with. At Oak Industrial we’re specialists at understanding how each water management system operates. So, we look to fit our products around your business to best meet your needs. This means getting to know you and your business. By understanding your needs and expectations we can best select the appropriate washroom water management system for you.

For a free no obligation quotation on water management systems for your business washroom, please telephone us on 01738 632935 or complete an enquiry form.

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As commercial office cleaners and washroom services specialists, Oak Industrial has cleaned everything from high rise building cleaning to factories. With every cleaning task there are complexities which because of our experience we are able to manage. We take the utmost care of our client’s property and brand as well as the security and safety of our cleaning specialists.

I read a story in the independent this morning about a man cleaning out a grizzly bear enclosure in Canada. Unfortunately the cleaning process didn’t go smoothly.

Fortunately, we never have to encounter grizzly bears when cleaning office premises but there are other hazards we have to be aware of. It’s for this reason that it’s imperative that companies hire reliable commercial cleaners for their office.

Reliable Commercial Cleaning

As a reliable commercial cleaning company we select only the best quality, eco friendly products to ensure the safety of both our cleaning team and your employees. Whenever there is a risky situation we evaluate the danger and create a structured plan to maintain a safe working environment. This can often happen when working at heights or cleaning whilst customers are using the facilities.

We manage the risks by creating action plans, using signage to alert people to the possible risks nearby. Health and safety is an imperative part of our commercial cleaning process. As a result, we make health and safety for our employees and our clients’ stakeholders very important.

Safe Commercial Cleaning Supplies

It’s this importance we place on health and safety one of the reasons we retain our clients for the long term. We minimise errors created via health and safety issues to build a positive working relationship.

Using safe commercial cleaning supplies is one way we can maintain healthy working relationships with our commercial cleaning clients. The products used in our soap dispensers, when cleaning washrooms or even maintaining a clean office environment are selected with every customer in mind. Our safe commercial cleaning supplies can be used with the most sensitive of allergies.

Give us a call to find out more about how Oak Industrial is leading the way as a reliable commercial cleaning supplier of safe cleaning products.

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