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Scottish Parliament Cleaners to get living wageCleaners at the Scottish Parliament are to receive the National Living Wage, taking their income to £7.85 per hour. Currently cleaners get the National Minimum Wage, which is £6.50 per hour, giving cleaners directly employed by Holyrood a £1.35 per hour increase.

Initially the change will only affect 26 staff, including cleaners and caterers, however from next year those employed via contractors will also be included. The increase wage also means the Scottish Government will be accredited as a living wage employer.

The change was announced by Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer, Tricia Marwick, she said,

“I am delighted that – as an employer – the parliament has moved to ensure the Living Wage guarantee now extends to all staff who work directly at the parliament.

“The cost of meeting this commitment is relatively small in financial terms but is hugely symbolic to employees and employers alike.

“Ensuring that employees receive decent pay and conditions is the hallmark of a good employer and I hope that our decision will encourage other organisations across Scotland to make the same commitment to their staff.”

The current Scottish Living Wage is based on the cost to live, taking inflation into account, making it financially easier for Holyrood cleaners to live. The increase will also have a positive effect on the Scottish cleaning industry in general, with a greater emphasise on improving the wages  of cleaners.

Last month Inverclyde Council announced they will begin paying all of its staff the National Living Wage, despite being on of the smallest councils.They are first council to implement the new living wage.

The council now employs 750 people who will receive the increased pay, which was back dated to November, when the Living Wage was set.

Council leader Stephen McCabe said:

“The Living Wage pays a fair rate for low paid workers. Now the national rate has increased it is right we reflect that in the money paid to our lowest paid workers.

Cost for Commercial Cleaning

There’s an argument to be made that paying the Living Wage to cleaners will make them more productive in their job and help organisations retain employees for longer.


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We’ve been providing companies with industrial cleaning since 1995. Our customer service, affordability and responsive support ensures we remain an outstanding choice as an industrial cleaning company.

Industrial cleaning is about providing the right level of service, at the right price. Our cleaning techniques and products and eco-friendly and industry leading which is accompanied by our exceptional customer service.

Industrial Cleaning Company

Industrial cleaning equipmentCompanies contact Oak Industrial for a number of different reasons. From an emergency industrial clean, through to a regular scheduled clean, our specialist industrial cleaners are experts at getting the job done.

We first started industrial cleaning in 1995, but now we’ve grown to complete a wide range of industrial cleaning projects. Some of the most famous buildings in the UK have been cleaned by Oak Industrial. We’re involved at present with the building of a new entertainment arena.

Some of the major projects we can complete includes factory cleaning, kitchen cleaning, pub and restaurant industrial cleaning, builders cleaning, washroom services cleaning and much more.

You’ll be amazed at what our specialist industrial cleaners can clean. Our industrial cleaners can clean the tallest of buildings or the largest of industrial factories.

Specialist Industrial Cleaners

Ultimately, our industrial cleaning is tailored to your needs. If you need industrial cleaning services then our specialist industrial cleaners are on hand to help.

We’ll meet with you to understand your requirements and explain exactly what we can do. Our industrial cleaning team will then get to work on your behalf.

It’s easy to get in touch with us. Just call 01738 632935.

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As commercial cleaning specialists we love the opportunity to clean difficult and complex projects. It’s why we clean everything from offices – desks, floors and kitchen areas – through to the outside of high level buildings. Our specialist heights team can work at any level and have been helping businesses keep their premises clean since 1995. But, none of the buildings we help keep clean are as cool at these buildings.

Today, 6th March 2013, we’re listing our top 10 coolest buildings to clean from around the world. Check back throughout the day as we’ll be adding more and more to the list until we finalise the top 10.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to stay ahead of the next cool office!

Number 1: Innocent Smoothie

Innocent drinks should be issued with a certificate and maybe even a cup for being so cool. From their launch they’ve done things differently and their office is no different. Their packaging wasn’t just a way to bottle their lovely fruit drink but a way to make people laugh. They used comedy openly and we’re afraid to try something new. The same can be said for their office environment. It’s open planned with plenty of green plants and spacious surroundings. The benches and games tables make creativity flow and the meeting rooms are more like a coffee shop than a boardroom.

For this, Innocent drinks must make it into the top 10 coolest offices!

innocent Office






Number 2: Red Bull

You don’t necessarily need wings to work at Red Bull because they’ve installed a slide for their employees to get between floors! This has got to make it into the top 10 coolest office to clean list. The comfortable seating areas, relaxed feel and flowing architecture make Red Bull a stand out place to work. In terms of cleaning it looks fresh and easy to clean.

Would you like to work here?










Number 3: Google

Ah, the internet giant that is Google has done it again. The Google offices include play areas, slides and and a chilled out working environment. Bright colours and vibrant community areas make Google a fun place to work but I’ve no idea how they’ll keep that slide so clean!

Google Offices








Number 4: Horizon Media

Horizon media is a New York based company and their offices are out of this world. The building design is warm, fresh and inviting. The  spacious environment is ideal for cleaning! Super awesome office space!

Horizon Media office








Number 5: ANZ

Melbourne based ANZ have made it into our top 10 coolest offices. They sheer size of the building should be noted but it’s the intricate details that make the difference. The office includes bright break out zones, quiet areas, public cafes and an art gallery! You have to see it to believe it!












Number 6: DTAC

Bangkok based DTAC is a telecommunications company with a difference. The company has created a light, spacious environment for their employees and other stakeholders, with pool tables and fun zones. It must be a hard task to keep all those lights in working order! Can you imagine the electricity bill?









Number 7: Technology Centre Medical Science

The Technology Centre Medical Science is based in Berlin – look how clean it is!! A team of people will clean this building round the clock. The building has to be recognised as a cool office simply because how clean it’s kept. The beautiful architecture is easy on the eye.

Technology Centre Medical Science









Number 8: Moving Picture

The Los Angeles office of Moving Picture is out of this world. The space themed office is a cool office for sure. Fresh and innovative in design and beautifully clean. This must make the top 10 of coolest offices. Moving Picture has worked on popular commercials and it’s not surprising they continue to grow.

moving picture










Number 9: Ogilvy & Mather

The Guangzhou office for Ogilvy and Mather is a carnival of fun. The design of the building is open planned across multiple levels and has the carnival theme running throughout. The design is award winning and worthy of a place in our top 10 coolest offices to clean!

Ogilvy and mather









Number 10: Youtube

Our last cool office in our count down has to be YouTube. I mean seriously, they’ve placed a huge red fun slide in their office. A round of applause is required. Trying to shimmy down the slide slowly to keep it clean must be some task.









There must be more cool offices which we’ve missed out. What do you think about our list? Can you add to it or make it better?

We’ve cleaned car parks, factories, the outside of high rise buildings and cleaned up after flood damage, however some of these buildings would be a fantastic cleaning experience.

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We recently explained about our office cleaning Scotland services as part of our commercial cleaning Scotland support. In today’s changing economic climate it’s important to partner with organisations that meet your similar business standards, that can be competitive on price without compromising on quality.

With almost 20 years experience with commercial cleaning in Scotland, Oak Industrial is a partner you can rely on for your business needs. Our commercial cleaning and washroom services offering has grown through word of mouth since 1995 and continues to thrive today.

Commercial Cleaning Scotland

Each company we work with is unique, they provide different services, operate at different hours and have a different level of support required from Oak Industrial. It’s this uniqueness we love. There’s nothing better than getting to know a company, understanding the complex intricacies that make the business unique and then finding ways to exceed our client’s expectations.

The most important aspect of commercial cleaning for Scottish companies is reliability, which is where we excel. Our commercial cleaning is flexible, reliable and customise to your business need. Whether your business needs daily office cleaning,  one off cleaning, carpet and upholstery services, factory cleaning or a number of any other commercial cleaning services we provide, a director at Oak Industrial will be happy to talk through your needs and create a proposal for your consideration.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Scotland

Our commercial cleaning team in Scotland offer an extensive range of cleaning services for businesses. We split our divisions into cleaning and washroom services. Commercial washroom support includes managing public facilities, ensuring lavatories and toilet areas are clean and tidy, washrooms are well stocked with expected items and the electrical appliances are operating as standard.

Our commercial cleaning team often work with city centre offices to provide daily, weekly or infrequent cleaning of office locations. We can also provide industrial cleaning services for builders, factories and commercial business units.

We own all of our own industrial cleaning equipment and have been operating cleaning offices, factories and helping people and business with flood damage repairs since 1995.

Quick Commercial Cleaning Quote

If you ask us for a quotation for commercial cleaning or washroom services you will be glad you got in touch. Our prices are competitive while our business support and commercial cleaning standards are exceptional.

You can receive a free quick quote from Oak Industrial by giving us a call on 01738 632935 or completing the quick quote form of the side of this page.

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Air Freshener Unit

04 Feb

The trick to managing a successful washroom area is in the scent. The smell of a washroom area will linger in the mind long after a person has left the washroom area. An air freshener unit within the washroom area is a simple, cost effective route to ensure your washroom area smells fresh and clean at all times.

Commercial Air Freshener Unit

The advancement of commercial air freshener units has come a long way. The design and technology used is far more advanced compared to household air fresheners. Our air fresheners for washroom areas are built to meet your needs.

For example, why would you want the air freshener to spray a fresh aroma when nobody is using the facilities? Well, our air freshener units are intelligent and know when to release the fresh fragrance and when it’s not necessary. It’s more than a timer system and it means businesses can be cost effective in their washroom area, without having to worry about compromising the level of quality.

There are various commercial air freshener units and we adapt our service and product range to meet your business needs. Our air freshener units also come with a variety of fragrances. These fragrances are tailored specifically for each commercial organisation.

Business Washroom Air Freshener Unit

Our washroom air freshener units are vital for any washroom services area. Visually, a washroom area should always be cleaned to a very high standard, soap dispensers should be stocked as should vending machines, however often the other senses are forgotten about.

The smell of a washroom area is just as important as the visual aspects. Washroom areas should be inviting and one way to do this is to ensure your washroom smells fresh and clean. An air freshener unit releasing a short burst of fragrance at an appropriate time can be the difference between a positive washroom experience and a negative one.

Why an Oak Industrial Air Freshener Unit?

There are plenty of commercial air freshener companies on the market but nobody like Oak Industrial. It’s because since 1995 we’ve been constantly adapting to remain the best customer service cleaning company in Scotland.

We support our clients from start to finish with cleaning and washroom services. Whether it’s an air freshener unit or washroom cleaning we can help. Our clients know they can trust us whatever the project. Our high level cleaning team, builders cleaning team or washroom services experts will provide the same quality of service for every client.

If you would like to find out more about our washroom services and air freshener units then please telephone 01738 632935.

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Usually commercial cleaning is hidden away at the back of a company but from time to time it’s the most important problem in a company. But we’re experienced as an emergency cleaning company to react fact to commercial cleaning needs.

Quick Cleaning Company

Our commercial cleaning team work with clients on a frequent basis to provide daily cleaning services. This is everything from cleaning floors and stairs to cleaning the washroom areas. We are discreet and get the job done to a very high standard. We have a saying at Oak Industrial, if you don’t notice a cleaning company, but your commercial premises are very clean, then we are doing our job correctly. You shouldn’t notice our cleaning team, the premises should just be cleaned to our usual high standards.

However, there are instances when companies require a different cleaning service – an emergency cleaning company!

Our emergency cleaning team is just one telephone call away. We can dispatch our emergency cleaning team at a moment’s notice. You simply have to give us a telephone call, any time of the day or night and we will be on hand to resolve the cleaning problem. Our emergency cleaning team can work very fast to clean factories, office buildings, provide a builders clean or a number of other cleaning projects.

Quality Emergency cleaning Help

We won’t be beaten at Oak Industrial for the speed at which we can react to help your company with our cleaning services. But, what’s the point in a quick emergency cleaning company if the quality is below par? Thankfully, that won’t happen at Oak Industrial.

We have the full range of products in stock, over 100 employees across Scotland and the experience required to get the cleaning project completed on time and to the highest cleaning standards. You don’t have to worry, one call to Oak Industrial and our clean team will take care of the rest.

After we complete your emergency cleaning project you can then speak to Oak Industrial about a regular clean schedule if you wish. Alternatively you may never need our services again, which is fine too.

Cleaning Company Support

If your company needs cleaning support quickly then speak to Oak Industrial for a no obligation quotation. We work quickly, provide a high level of service and all for a fantastic price. You can trust Oak Industrial with your emergency cleaning so give us a call on 01738 632935.


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Breaking & Cleaning

11 Dec

Sometimes we stumble across stories we just have to share with you. This made us chuckle and thought it could brighten up your cold Tuesday Scottish

A women in Ohio, America broke into a person’s house to help clean it up. She’s now being described as the “cleaning fairy”. Although, I’m not quiet sure that she’s a real fairy. After breaking into the person’s house and cleaning the premises she left a $75 bill.

The 53 year old said she was bored and needed something to do, so broke into the property and cleaned the coffee cups, emptied the kitchen bin, hoovered the entire property and dusted.

Although being sentenced for the first time, the perpetrator has admitted doing this before. She said she breaks into properties, cleans them and then leaves a bill on a napkin with her phone number.

She has been sentenced to do 20 hours of community service and put on probation for one year. Anybody else think she might enjoy 20 hours of community service if it’s cleaning?

Desperate to Clean

At Oak Industrial we love to clean. From high rise buildings to daily office cleaning, we just love keeping businesses clean. However, we’re not going to break into a commercial property and start cleaning. We prefer if you get in touch with one of our lovely customer service team and speak with one of our Directors about your cleaning needs. We’ll then set a tailored schedule based around your needs and arrive at a time you expect us.

You can get in touch with us about your commercial cleaning requirements by telephoning us directly on 01738 632935 or by completing an enquiry form on the side of this page.

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Daily-Office-Cleaning-ScotlandExperience is everything in office cleaning. That’s why, when you’re looking for a Scottish daily office cleaning company you should speak to Oak Industrial. We’ve been cleaning offices from Inverness to Gretna and Glasgow to Edinburgh since 1995.

Back then we had 3 members of staff, but as our demand for office cleaning grew and our reputation as a reliable, affordable and high quality office cleaning company increased, we’ve now got over 100 employees.

Daily Office Cleaning in Scotland

When it comes to our daily office cleaning service, we’ve been providing tailored cleaning solutions for businesses since 1995. It’s this experience which helps us exceed our customers expectations. However, we’re often asked what we will and won’t clean as a Scottish daily office cleaning service. Well, unlike many office cleaning providers, we don’t limit ourselves to what we can and cannot clean. For instance, we can even clean the outside of high rise buildings with our specialists heights cleaning team.

A standard daily office clean will include;

  • Floor cleaning, including hoovers carpets
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of desks
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Office stairs cleaning
  • Computer cleaning

Our cleaning team are expertly trained and we are fully certified to provide commercial cleaning services to companies in Scotland. There’s very little our cleaning experts can’t clean so challenge us today. All of our products are powerful enough to clean 99.9% of germs whilst being eco-friendly.

Many of our clients require us to clean at a specific time during the day, which we can fully accomodate because each daily office cleaning schedule is custom made to suit each client’s demands. We fit effortlessly around your business to ensure a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment is enjoy by your clients, staff and business associates.

Top Scottish Commercial Cleaning Locations

Our top locations in Scotland for office cleaning is, as expected, in the high volume areas where the demand is greatest. We have office cleaning in Glasgow, daily office cleaning in Edinburgh and several clients who require frequent, if not daily office cleaning in Aberdeen, Inverness, Livingston and office cleaning in the borders too.

One of the benefits of working with Oak Industrial is that we’ve grown since our inception in 1995 t0 a cleaning company with over 100 members of staff. So, you can rely on us to meet most of your cleaning expectations. We’re a close company and value each and every member of our team. It’s this family-based community that we’ve built which has helped our company become one of the most successful Scottish commercial cleaning companies.

Regardless of where your company is based, Oak Industrial can provide our exceptionally high quality service at an affordable price. We’re able to meet your daily cleaning requirements because of the number of staff we employ, our years of experience and because we already operate on a daily basis across Scotland cleaning offices.

Hire Your Scottish Daily Office Cleaners

Oak Industrial provides commercial daily office cleaning services to a wide variety of businesses across Scotland, whether your business is city centre in Glasgow or just off the motorway, we’ll be there to help keep your business clean and running smoothly.

If you already have a daily office cleaning service with another company then why not compare our level of service and pricing to understand whether our support would be better suited to your business. We clean for large multi-national corporations as well as small to medium sized companies too. Regardless of the size of company, every client receives a tailored cleaning service at an affordable and value for money price.

Get a quick quote today by completing our side enquiry form or by telephoning us directly on 01738 632935.


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When hundreds of people pass through one place, it’s going to need cleaned frequently. In Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and indeed throughout Scotland, our shop cleaning service is in demand. An unclean shopping environment can lead to disgruntled customers and with greater choice of shopping location than ever before, shops and shopping centres are doing everything they can to attract customers to a safe, clean shopping environment.

Oak Industrial already manages shops and shopping centres, from the cleaning of floors and stairs through to managing washroom areas. This includes making sure the washroom is cleaned frequently and is always well stocked. In Scotland we’ve become specialists at cleaning shopping environments with our eco friendly products and qualified staff.

Shop Cleaning Scotland

Each shop we clean in Scotland is different. The amount of cleaning, the products we use and the style of cleaning is customised based on each shops cleaning requirements. It doesn’t matter if your shop is based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness or the Borders, we have the people to keep your shop clean and sparkling!

Some shops only need a one of clean on a frequent basis, where as other shops require a daily clean to keep the standard very high. The level of cleaning within our washroom area is very high so we will often be on-site regularly to maintain the cleaning standards we expect for our clients.

Many of our clients state that the cleanliness of their shop makes it more appealing for people to enter and then spend money. So a clean shop is a happy shop is the motto one customer used.

Cleaning Businesses Across Scotland

Oak Industrial has been cleaning businesses in Scotland since 1995. We provide a wide range of services from cleaning offices and shops through to our washroom services support. We’re the people who can clean high rise buildings but more often we clean high street shops and offices. We love to clean.

Being a Scottish company with almost 20 years experience, we’ve learned that a clean shop is extremely important to our clients and to the customers who shop in the business premises. We take pride in the work we do and the standard of cleaning is maintained at a high standard. The reporting and mystery shop testing we do ensures the cleaning standard is kept high and clients remain happy.

A Clean Shop Is A Happy Shop!”

We would invite you to test our shop cleaning in Scotland standards. We can introduce you to existing clients in order for you to get independent feedback. Alternatively, get in touch and we will show you some of the shops we clean at present, so you can carry out your own mystery shopper!

Shops Commercial Cleaning Support

For our best commercial cleaning support, you can get in touch by telephoning us on 01738 632935 or by completing a quick quote on the side of this page. Our quotes are free and you are under no oligation to proceed.

Between our level of service, tailored support and excellent pricing, we will ensure you get value for your money with our Scottish shop cleaning service.

Remember, there is no job too large or small for Oak Industrial. We have over 100 staff in Scotland cleaning everything from offices and shops through to washrooms and car parks. Literally, we clean everything, we give us a call on 01738 632935 for more information.


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Oak Industrial has been providing a professional cleaning services to companies in Scotland since 1995. So, we know a thing or two about providing exceptional customer service, tailored cleaning and working to meet our client’s expectations.

When you select your professional cleaning company we always advise you to go on a recommended company. Over 90% of the commercial cleaning and washroom services we provide are from word of mouth or referral. Our quality and value for money professional cleaning service is why Scottish companies trust us to look after their cleaning needs.

Selecting Your Professional Cleaning Service in Scotland

When choosing your commercial cleaning partner it’s often difficult to determine which are the best? Isn’t every commercial cleaning company the same? Well no, we like to think that our service standards are superior to many other companies. As a result of our experience and the number of companies we work with, we’re able to offer excellent value for money commercial cleaning for Scottish companies.

Cleaning Scotland Decision

Commercial Cleaning in Scotland

You’ve got 3 options when selecting your professional cleaning services for Scotland. The 3 options are the different companies you would like to choose to clean your premises.

The 3 options are:

The cheapest company – The cheapest company will usually cut corners on their time and quality of materials. However, it can help you save money.

The best quality company – The best quality can often come at a high price. However, the quality will be worth it.

The most convenient company– A company that will ensure they are there when you need them. However, it’s likely a convenient company will charge more as a result.

There are pitfalls to avoid when it comes to selecting your commercial cleaning partner, but every company is looking to find a value for money professional cleaning service.

A Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

If you would like a quotation for our cleaning services then we would love to show you what we can do. We have a variety of different services which you can benefit from.

Our cleaning services divisions can provide office cleaning throughout Scotland as well as specialist heights cleaning, whereas our washroom services team ensures commercial washrooms are maintained to high standards, including supplying air fresheners, soaps and hand dryers.

We’ve learned to support our Scottish clients over the past 17 years and that’s what makes us a professional cleaning service.

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