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About Oak Industrial

Oak Industrial is a commercial cleaning and washroom services specialist operating across Scotland. Since 1995 we have been supporting commercial organisations, charities and voluntary groups with their cleaning and washroom services needs.

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One of the most popular areas for Industrial cleaning is in Glasgow. The primary reason is simply because Glasgow is one of Scotland’s largest commercial hubs and for years has been the industrial backbone to the Scottish economy.

The city of Glasgow employs 420,000 people and produces an annual output of £14.9bn. Glasgow has emerged over the past 30 years at the heart of technology and grown stronger in the financial sector. These industries require skilled, professional people to manage the processes.

As a result of the increased number of office based jobs in Glasgow, the amount of daily office cleaning has increased too. Industrial cleaning in Glasgow has grown exponentially as a direct result of the additional employment in the financial district and other emerging office based industries.

Industrial Cleaning in Glasgow

Cleaning services in Glasgow can range from a couple of hours now and then, through to a daily regimented office cleaning programme. Oak Industrial provides a flexible cleaning service for all clients, this way we’re there when you need us and at times convenient to you.

Industrial cleaning in Glasgow can take place in offices, car parks or we can also provide factory cleaning too. We have the skills and equipment to clean almost anything for your business.

Glasgow Property Management Cleaning

Many buildings in Glasgow are rented by companies and a property management company will be tasked to manage the process. A property management company will also be charged with local handyman duties and communal area cleaning. From time to time, property management cleaning companies will be asked to monitor or manage the daily office cleaning too.

Oak Industrial works with property management companies to provide cleaning services across Scotland. Our property management expertise enables us to provide a customer focused service, specific to your expectations. Whether you require handyman services or daily office cleaning you can rely on Oak Industrial to help.

If you are in search of a company for industrial cleaning in Glasgow then look no further than Oak Industrial cleaning. You can telephone Oak Industrial on 01738 632935 or complete a quick quote on the side of this page.

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At Oak Industrial we provide an extensive range of commercial cleaning services for all types of businesses.

There are almost too many cleaning services available at Oak Industrial to mention, however, over the coming months we will be exploring a few of the most popular industrial cleaning services we offer.

Rarely are we unable to help with an industrial cleaning project, whether it’s high rise buildings or commercial car parks, Oak Industrial have the skills, materials and people to get the job done.

Industrial Car Park Cleaning

Car parks, like all businesses, become unclean and require regular maintenance to ensure they don’t fall into disrepair.

Customers want to leave their car in a safe and clean location. As the number of alternative car parking locations available throughout any city centre grows, aesthetics within car parks have become increasingly more important.

Car parks naturally come into contact with harmful materials, like oil and carbon monoxide. If cleaning and maintenance is not being carried out then the car park will experience long lasting damage. Oak Industrial can help keep a car park in working order with regular cleaning and ensure customers think positively about their experience of parking their vehicle in a clean safe environment.

Car Park Cleaning Services

Whether a car park requires a one-off deep clean or a more frequent cleaning programme, Oak Industrial can help. We already clean a number of car parking locations across Scotland. Our skilled team have been expertly trained in car park cleaning and usually get the job done late at night so as not to disrupt any customers.

From large car parks like an NCP to smaller locations, Oak Industrial is available to clean any car parking facilities across Scotland.

Oak Industrial Car Park Cleaning

We always appreciate the opportunity to provide a quotation for car park cleaning. Our prices are competitive while our quality is outstanding. We use only the best products, train our employees to the highest standards and have a wealth of car park cleaning experience which you can rely on.

Our flexible car park cleaning services mean we fit around your business. Our people, the products we use and the process of working with Oak Industrial help us stand out from other car park cleaning services.

If you would like to get in touch with Oak Industrial for your car park cleaning needs we would gladly provide you with a quotation for our services. You can telephone Oak Industrial on 01738 632935 or complete our enquiry form on the side of this page and one of the directors of Oak Industrial will give you a call to discuss your industrial cleaning needs.

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A survey by Nursing Times has revealed that nurses are being forced into cleaning services around the hospital because of financial cuts being made within hospitals.

On top of a regular nurse’s duty, they are now being asked to clean toilets and mop the floors around hospitals.

The survey which asked 1,000 nurses and health assistants provided startling results. 33 per cent of nurses had cleaned toilets or mopped floors in the last year and the Nursing Times survey also found that it didn’t stop at toilets or floors. Professionally trained nurses were being asked to clean corridors, computers, nursing stations and offices.

One fifth of nurses blamed hospital trust cuts to industrial cleaning budgets for the increased workload.

Washroom Cleaning Service

Cleaning washrooms, corridors, work surfaces and nursing stations requires professional, trained specialists who can provide an expert hospital cleaning service. Cuts to this budget have left more than half of NHS nurses with the opinion that hospital cleaning services are below par.

The Nursing Times survey worryingly found that almost 75 per cent of nurses had not been provided with any training in commercial hospital cleaning.  Furthermore, 37 per cent of nurses admitted their trust would continue to use a bed, even though it was not cleaned properly.

President of the Infection Prevention Society, Tracey Cooper, said: “Nurses are the guardians of the standards of their wards. Cleaning has always been an integral part of what nurses do. The risk comes when there is a lack of clarity about process and who is responsible because then you get things that nobody  cleans.”

Hospital Industrial Cleaning Services

It only seems logical that our professional nurse’s and health care assistants should be tasked with looking after the sick and vulnerable. After all, that is what they were trained to do.

If cleaning should be part of a nurses remit, then surely it’s essential the appropriate training is provided with support offered to ensure every patient is supplied with a clean, uninfected bed?

Industrial cleaning providers, like Oak Industrial, can supply daily cleaning services for hospitals at affordable rates. For more information about hospital industrial cleaning services please contact Oak Industrial on 01738 632935 or send us an email enquiry via our contact us form.

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You can never really be sure what you will find when you enter a commercial property for cleaning. Usually, you don’t get any surprises, however from time to time, our cleaning team are given an ‘interesting’ surprise by what they find.

What Do Commercial Cleaning Companies Do?

Our cleaning team at Oak Industrial will arrive at a property and have a pre-arranged plan with you about what cleaning we should do. In office cleaning we would usually expect to clean desk areas, floors, kitchen’s, toilets and even empty the rubbish bins. When we visit communal service areas for flats or apartments we clean the floors with our specially selected cleaning materials. If there are marks on the walls or windows to clean we do these too.

There’s very little Oak Industrial won’t clean. We simply love a challenge and whatever your cleaning requirement we’ve got the skilled professionals to carry out the job.

Student Accommodation Cleaning

At the end of every semester, or periodically throughout the year, we are asked by a number of student accommodation organisations to clean the flats. Students can be messy; for most students it’s the first time away from their parents and it can be a culture shock having to cook, wash and clean for themselves.

I mentioned before that at Oak Industrial we love a challenge. If you’ve ever wondered, or have been curious as to what our industrial cleaning team do, then we’ve taken a picture or two for you.

Company Cleaning Student Flats

As we arrived at the student living quarters we decided to take a picture to share with you. Here it is:

Student Accommodation Cleaning Company

Despite the work, it didn’t phase our clean team who got to work on scrubbing the cooker, rearranging the furniture and disinfecting the work tops and floors. We use only the best cleaning materials to get the surfaces gleaming. After cleaning this property, we can tell you the best beans and toast in Scotland can be found here.

Finished Cleaning

After we finished cleaning and were leaving the property we took another picture of one of the rooms.

Student Accommodation Cleaning Service

The table furniture was back in position, the bed was freshly made, the floor was hoovered, the table was cleared and all beer watermarks were cleaned up, all ready for another batch of students.

Hiring a Student Accommodation Cleaning Team

Students are heading back to University shortly and some classes will be starting in the next week or two. The new students embarking on their career studying for their future.

If you would like a quotation for student cleaning services from Oak Industrial please telephone 01738 632935. There is no obligation to proceed with our quote for cleaning services but as student accommodation cleaning specialists we could help you.

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We take washroom services very seriously at Oak Industrial. We have to, because it’s such an important part of any business. An unclean or a poorly maintained washroom area can be the difference between repeat custom and a one time visitor.

More common than not, the surrounding environment plays a large part in a person’s feelings about a washroom area. For instance, if a commercial washroom was untidy, did not have stocked facilities or the environment gave off a negative smell, then people rightly would either complain. However, worse still, the client may not complain and instead simply tell their friends. Standard belief if that a person who has a positive experience with a business service will tell one person about it, but, if they have a negative experience they will tell seven people.

Scottish Washroom Services

We are a Scottish company, focussed on helping other Scottish companies with their washroom services.

Glasgow Washroom Services and Edinburgh Industrial cleaning are two of our most popular areas, due to the cities being the largest in Scotland, however our washroom cleaning services are available across Scotland and we have current clients all over Scotland.

Our primary aim is to support your business with your washroom services requirements, supplying you with your chosen level of service at a price to meet your budget.

Clean Washroom Services Company

As an industrial washroom services company we can help you with your washroom services needs. From providing hand dryers, the latest of which catch germs ensuring they don’t land on the ground, through to supplying soap for your dispensers or air fresheners to create the right ambience.

You need not have to manage your washroom services alone.

Oak Industrial has been supplying industrial cleaning services to businesses since 2007. The company directors have extensive washroom services experience and a trained team available to provide the exact level of support your business requirements.

You can call Oak Industrial on 0800 269 494 for a no obligation quotation or complete our enquiry form on this website.

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Scottish Office Cleaning Services

At Oak Industrial we take great pride in the office cleaning services we offer. Whether you require daily office cleaning, or perhaps just a one-off clean, Oak Industrial provide the highest standard of office cleaning for your company.

You don’t just get an office cleaning company when you hire Oak Industrial, you get our skilled professional team, our years of experience, the highest standard of quality cleaning and all from a local Scottish company.

We value every client we work with at Oak Industrial. To provide the best Scottish office cleaning we believe it takes an uncompromising level of quality, reliable customer service, a dedication to meet these standards consistently for every client and all for a reasonable, affordable price.

Scotland’s Best Office Cleaning Company

For all of these reasons we believe we are Scotland’s best office cleaning company.

If you value office cleaning and the impression your business premises makes on your clients or your staff, then only hire the best. People advocating they are providing the cheapest service often fail to deliver. The quality of the materials used, the length of time on site and the training of staff are typically below standard and ultimately this is reflected in the cleanliness of your office environment.

Oak Industrial can offer a detailed quotation, specifically listing the cost of our services and the quality of service your business will receive. We always aim to exceed your expectations.

Office Cleaning Scottish Company

There are lots of companies to choose from when it comes to office cleaning in Scotland, but be sure to measure the level of quality you are receiving along with the price you pay.

Frequently we hear from companies who have experienced the false economy effect of poor office cleaning.

When people say they want cheap office cleaning in Scotland, often they mean they want value added office cleaning for their business. Getting a good deal on your office cleaning is what Oak Industrial provides every client.

To see what we could do for your business telephone 01738 632935 or complete our contact form on our website.

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Hi, we’re been quiet over the past month on our blog as we update our website to make it shiny and new. In the near future we’ve planned exciting updates, competitions and giveaways so stay tuned.

If you don’t already Follow or Like Oak Industrial now is the time to join. Our Facebook and Twitter account is the place to get the latest information about Oak Industrial, our washroom services offerings and competitions. You can Follow or Like Oak Industrial below.


Our Washroom Services Blog

The Oak Industrial blog will cover a wide range of cleaning topics, from commercial cleaning products and services through to a day in the life at Oak Industrial.

Our blog is the gateway to what’s happening at Oak Industrial. Our transparency will hopefully give you the confidence to trust us with your washroom services requirements, commercial cleaning or with any other service which Oak Industrial can provide for your business.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We’ve just finished our cleaning services page on the Oak Industrial website. Have you taken a look yet? Our commercial cleaning services include

  • Daily Office Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Skip Hire & Pest Control
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • One-off Cleaning
  • Factory Cleaning
  • Abseil & High Level Cleaning

Read about the level of support your company can benefit from by hiring Oak Industrial for your commercial cleaning needs. We are fully accredited to provide commercial cleaning services and have a proven track record in the commercial cleaning industry. Our quality, customer care and service delivery ensure we retain happy customers and build long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships.

Quote for  Commercial Cleaning

For a no obligation quotation for any of our commercial cleaning services please don’t hesitate to contact Oak Industrial on 01738 632935 or complete our contact form and we will be back in touch shortly with our best price.


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Welcome to the Oak Industrial cleaning services blog.  Our cleaning blog will be updated regularly with industry news, interesting information about Oak Industrial along with competitions and prizes.We hope you will interact with us and in doing so, provide your thoughts and opinions.

Become Social with Oak Industrial

We would invite you to become social with Oak Industrial. We are on Twitter and Facebook so you can ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ Oak Industrial for information about cleaning services, news and our competitions, just click on the icon below:


Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services range from one-off cleaning support through to abseil cleaning in Scotland. If you would like a quotation from Oak Industrial for cleaning services, vending supplies or washroom services, please telephone 01738 632935 or complete our email form and we will be back in touch shortly.

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