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About Oak Industrial

Oak Industrial is a commercial cleaning and washroom services specialist operating across Scotland. Since 1995 we have been supporting commercial organisations, charities and voluntary groups with their cleaning and washroom services needs.

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Do you work in an office or perhaps you run a business from an office location? Well, today this survey is for you!

We’re asking people “Who cleans your office?”

[wpsqt name=”Who Cleans Your Office?” type=”poll”]

Office Cleaning Options

Our survey is to understand how people managing an office view office cleaning. All offices need cleaning, however, not all offices have professional office cleaning companies cleaning their premises. Some companies will make their employees keep the place tidy, or perhaps the office cleaning is provided by the property management company as part of the monthly rent. 

Some of the options which are most popular by companies working from an office are:

  1. The office is cleaned by the company itself. This can save money or perhaps the office does not need regular cleaning because there are only a very small number of employees. Offices like these need one off cleaning, which can be provided by the company itself or by Oak Industrial.
  2. The cleaning can be outsourced. This is when a professional cleaning specialist will clean the office premises on behalf of the commercial company.
  3. Some companies don’t bother cleaning their office premises at all.
  4. In some cases, if the property is rented by the company then the cleaning will be part of the monthly costs. This means the property management company will manage the cleaning contract.
It will be interesting to see how many companies clean their own properties and how many outsource the cleaning to a specialist. There are pros and cons on both sides.
Give us your opinion in the comments section. What does your company do for office cleaning?

Office Cleaning Survey

If you have not taken the office cleaning survey above, please take 1 minute and answer the question below. We will leave the survey open for 1 week and reveal the results next week.

[wpsqt name=”Who Cleans Your Office?” type=”poll”]


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Oak Industrial is a Scottish commercial cleaning company which first opened in 1995. Our commercial cleaning services are diverse enough to meet any request while our cleaning standards are always of the highest standards.

Commercial cleaning companies will provide a wide range of services for businesses. At Oak Industrial, we have both a commercial cleaning and washroom services team to meet the needs of our customers. We provide an all in one cleaning services business so that our clients can rely on us for anything. It makes working with Oak Industrial effortless and can save Scottish companies time and money.

Best Commercial Cleaning Companies in Scotland

Our convenient commercial cleaning service for companies ensures every customer is supported based on their own tailored needs. We have over 100 employees at Oak Industrial all working directly for the company. However, our cleaning services customers will have a Director of Oak Industrial as their main point of contact. It’s this relationship our clients value, there is always somebody available to help and a decision making Director there to support every business.

We believe that it’s for this reason that we continue to grow and retain our clients. Our standards against other commercial cleaning companies are extremely high and for companies searching for commercial cleaning companies who provide a reliable, cost effective and tailored service, Oak Industrial can tick all of these boxes.

Where To Find A Commercial Cleaning Company

If you’ve been referred to Oak Industrial by another company we would love to hear from you. Let us know how we can help you and your business with your commercial cleaning or washroom services needs.

Perhaps you’ve found us via the radio advertising, on Google, Yellow pages or via another method? We can’t wait to hear from you. It would be our pleasure to discuss how we could work with your business and provide an outstanding service. Our commercial cleaning services are 100% tailored to your business needs.

Enquire About Commercial Cleaning Services

If you would like more information about our commercial cleaning services, then enquire today. It’s easy to get in touch. You can complete an email enquiry on the side of this website and we will give you a call back to discuss. Alternatively, you can telephone 01738 632935 and speak directly with our customer service team.

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Industrial cleaning, whether it’s for a factory or office environment, should be provided by specialists. There are many reasons why specialist industrial cleaners are used for commercial cleaning and we’re going to examine these in detail.

Industrial cleaning packages should always be built around your business expectations and often our clients are amazed at the quality of cleaning we provide for the price. Our value for money industrial commercial cleaning is why we’ve been helping companies with their business cleaning since 1995.

Industrial Commercial Cleaning in Scotland

There are different reasons why it’s important to hire a professional commercial cleaner for industrial cleaning. We’ve listed some of the most important below:

1. Time saving: Using a professional cleaner is a real time saver. Your regular staff will no longer need to clean the office and can focus on their main role. This ensures your staff are always productively focusing on their main task.

2. Cost saving: When you contract Oak Industrial for your commercial cleaning needs, you don’t need to employ an office cleaner. So, there’s no concerns about employer national insurance contributions, paying tax or days of absence. We take the responsibility and help save you money too because we’re only here when you need us.

3. Quality of the finish: The products we use are specifically selected and applied accordingly to ensure our industrial strength cleaning materials leave your commercial premises looking excellent. The quality standard of our work is extremely high so you’ll be impressed with our service.

4. Safety: One of the most important reasons for hiring an industrial commercial cleaning company for your business is safety. All of our cleaning team have been specially trained to clean businesses, whether at heights or when handling dangerous cleaning substances, we’re fully prepared to safely provide expert cleaning for your business.

Get Industrial Cleaning for a Commercial Business

Finding an industrial cleaning company can be difficult. You may decide to go on recommendation of a friend or work colleague, or you could be using a search engine, like Google, to find your own.

Whatever method you’re using, Oak Industrial is a professional industrial cleaning company that provides a wide range of commercial cleaning and washroom services. We’ve been working with businesses for their industrial cleaning needs since 1995 and have become one of the most trustworthy commercial cleaning organisations in the UK.

If you would like to speak to Oak Industrial about your industrial commercial cleaning needs then please telephone 01738 632935 or complete a quick quote at the side of this form for more details.

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One of the primary services provided at Oak Industrial is office cleaning. Our professional and well-trained office cleaning team are on hand to manage any project, big or small. We already provide office cleaning services in Scotland’s largest cities, including Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and down to the Borders.

Office Cleaning Glasgow

There are over 400,000 people working in Glasgow city centre every day. The demand to keep offices clean, presentable and create the appropriate working environment has never been greater.

Businesses in Glasgow recognise that a professional office environment helps to create the correct working ethos which in turn helps to improve productivity. The first stage in creating the right working atmosphere is to ensure the business location is clean and presentable.

Office cleaning in Glasgow enables companies to display a clean and approachable business, so employees feel welcome and valued in their job and  current and potential customers think positively about the company. The aesthetics or intangibles of a business can often be the difference between success and failure. This is why so many office locations in Glasgow are hiring commercial office cleaning services.

Reliable Office Cleaners Glasgow

We’ve been cleaning offices across Scotland since 1995, so we’ve learned a thing or two about how to clean, look after our customers and provide an outstanding cleaning service.

On asking some of our current customers what they liked best about Oak Industrial, they responded by saying our reliability to consistently meet deadlines and at an affordable price, made us easy to work with. They also pointed out that our attention to detail made them feel safe that their business cleaning was in safe hands.

As a high quality, reliable office cleaning service, we always perform to this high standard for our current and new clients. We manage to achieve this success by understanding our clients, their business and exactly the level of service they require.

Business Support for Office Cleaning

If your business requires support for its commercial office cleaning then speak to Oak Industrial. Our reliable office cleaning team will be only too happy to provide you with a price for commercial office cleaning.

You can contact Oak Industrial for any cleaning request on 01738 632935 or complete one of our quick quote enquiry forms on the side of this page.

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As Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourism and is the financial headquarters for large brands such as the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Edinburgh produces billions of pounds worth of revenue for the Government from office jobs through to restaurants and pubs which all make Edinburgh a thriving city. To keep Edinburgh well managed, we support many businesses with their industrial cleaning and washroom services needs.

Edinburgh Washroom Services Company

Edinburgh alone manages to attract over £7 million tourists to the capital each year, which is one of the reasons Oak Industrial has a large workforce in the city. Tourists, understandably expect high standards of cleaning in restaurants, pubs, shopping venues and high street retailers. So, Oak Industrial provides a comprehensive washroom services offering in Edinburgh to meet this demand.

Our standards of cleaning help keep customers happy and in turn ensure profits are maintained at all of the sites where we supply a washroom service in Edinburgh.

However, there are other elements to Edinburgh which require support with their washroom services. Edinburgh provides a key role in the world of business and financial services. Millions of people commute or live in Edinburgh to work or study and this means washroom services standards must be maintained.

Our experience of washroom services in Edinburgh enables new organisations in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas to take advantage of our service in the area and receive the ultimate washroom service support.

Commercial Washroom Services In Edinburgh

When a new company requests our support for washroom services in Edinburgh we start by understanding what it is they need. We customise our service to meet what you want, so as to save you as much money as possible. Our end goal is to build long lasting relationships with commercial businesses in Edinburgh requiring washroom services or office cleaning.

To help us provide this long lasting service, we delivery our usual high standard of washroom service cleaning, but have ensured we take the responsibility for managing every demand possible within a washroom area. Some of the other areas where we support our clients are:

Hand Dryers
Air fresheners
Soap Dispensers
Waste Disposal Services
Floor Care and Matting
Water Management
Urinal Odour Control
Washroom Vending
Baby Changing Area

If a service is not there which you would like us to provide, please ask, as nothing is too much trouble.

Help For Washroom Services In Edinburgh

If you would like a quotation for washroom services cleaning, or any other commercial support provided by Oak Industrial, please contact us on 01738 632935 or complete our enquiry form on the side of this page.

We are always grateful for the opportunity to provide a washroom services quote so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Deciding on your Scottish commercial cleaning service requires you to ask a couple of questions. Such as, what do I want from my commercial cleaning company? What standards do I have? How often do I need them? What price would I like to pay? What is the level of quality I expect? Who is the most reliable commercial cleaning company in Scotland? Along with many more questions.

When choosing your commercial cleaning company in Scotland you may decide to go on word of mouth; ask a friend or business associate for their recommendation.

Whatever, your process is in deciding how to choose a cleaning services company, know that Oak Industrial is here to help.

Commercial Cleaning Scotland

Oak Industrial has been providing a commercial cleaning service for Scottish companies since 1995. We clean everything from car park to high rise buildings. We can clean daily or less frequently. Our team are all fully trained and qualified to use the cleaning products and equipment.

What makes Oak Industrial great is the value for money we can provide our clients. We don’t accept substandard quality so always ensure every cleaning project is kept to our extremely high quality standards. With every commercial cleaning project we focus on delivering exactly what our client wants.

We can be trusted as a commercial cleaning company to deliver a professional service. That’s why Oak Industrial is cleaning for some of the largest brand companies in Scotland. Yet, we have the in-house team to support smaller business too with their commercial cleaning needs.

Best Commercial Cleaning Services

We believe Oak Industrial is the best commercial cleaning company in Scotland based on our customer feedback and our own independent research. But, you can make your own mind up.

At Oak Industrial we’re ready for any challenge to help clean your business. Whether it’s the tallest building or the largest office, Oak Industrial has the resources and people to manage any job and provide a value for money service.

We tailor every project to the needs and expectations of our customers and deliver on the promises we make.

Quote for Commercial Cleaning Services In Scotland

If you would like a commercial cleaning quote for your Scottish based business then please contact Oak Industrial. There’s no job too large or small. We operate across Scotland including Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh and right down to the Borders.

To get a quotation for commercial cleaning please contact Oak Industrial on 01738 632935 or complete the quick quote enquiry form to the side of this page.

We look forward to your enquiry.

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Oak Industrial is one of Scotland’s leading cleaning services companies. We tailor our service to our clients cleaning requirements but you may not know about all the services our Scottish based cleaning company can provide. Since 1995 we’ve been cleaning industrial properties across Scotland.

Scottish Commercial Cleaning Company

Oak Industrial is a Scottish commercial cleaning company providing an all encompassing industrial cleaning service. From daily office cleaning through to cleaning high rise buildings, Oak Industrial can do it all. But we don’t stop there for Scottish companies.

We also supply washroom services too. Our washroom services include ensuring a business washroom area is managed and stocked accordingly. We supply the hand dryers through to the commercial air fresheners for washrooms.

Our quality of customer service, attention to details and reliability are prime reasons why you should consider Oak Industrial for your commercial cleaning needs.

Your Scottish Cleaning Service

We are able to provide a full range of cleaning services for Scottish companies. Our cleaning services include:

Our people and processes make Oak Industrial one of the leading Scottish cleaning services companies. To get a quotation for any cleaning project from Oak Industrial please complete a quote enquiry on the side of the page. Alternatively, you can telephone 01738 632935 and speak to one of our directors about your commercial cleaning needs.

Get Scottish Cleaning Support

At Oak Industrial we like to get to know your business and what makes it special so we can integrate our service too. For instance, we clean car parks during the night and our cleaning professionals know the security team well so that if there’s anything suspicious we can help share the information. We like to be an extension of your existing business so working with us becomes effortless and excellent value for money.

We start by understanding what cleaning support we can provide. We understand how you business operates and provides as much, or as little, cleaning support as you require.

Our quotations are based on your needs to ensure you are getting a great deal on your commercial cleaning.

To speak to Oak Industrial please telephone 01738 632935 and we will be happy to help your business with Scottish cleaning support.

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Washroom Supplies

24 Sep

Keeping your washroom area clean, tidy and presentable is part of the objective to provide a welcoming environment for each person entering the washroom. It’s imperative that the tidy washroom is maintained continually. This can be tough and often additional washroom supplies are required.

Washroom Supplies

A washroom air freshener is useless without the can filled with the fresh fragrance to release into the air. Similarly, the soap dispensers must be maintained and soap refills will be required.  Your washroom vending machine stock will need to be replenished too, but with Oak Industrial on your side that’s something we can look after for you.

A well managed washroom area requires lots of time and support which Oak Industrial is available to supply. We can provide your with your washroom supplies in a timely manner.

We start by understanding your business needs, compare these against our wide range of products and services to provide you a tailored and scheduled level of service. To find out more about what Oak Industrial can do for your company please telephone us on 01738 632935.

Washroom Services Products

At Oak Industrial, we’re different from many other washroom supplies companies because our the tailored service we’re able to supply each of our customers. We can produce a plan to manage your washroom services supplies so that you never run out of the products to keep your washroom area looking and smelling great.

If you ever had an unexpected increase in the usage of your washroom supplies then Oak Industrial will be available to get to work on your behalf and sort out the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Purchase Washroom Services Supplies

If you would like to purchase washroom supplies, such as air fresheners, soap for your dispensers or washroom vending products then contact Oak Industrial for a quotation today.

You can contact Oak Industrial via telephone on 01738 632935 or by completing one of our quick quote enquiry forms to the side of the page.

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One popular service provided by Oak Industrial is an end of tenancy cleaning service for properties in Scotland. Sometimes renting a property can be a short term experience, for example, renting for a couple weeks as part of a holiday. In other instances, properties are let for months, or even years at a time.

When the tenant moves out it’s essential for a quick turnaround so the property can be re-let to other tenants. At Oak Industrial we provide end of tenancy cleaning in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Aberdeen, Inverness and the borders.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

When a tenant decides to leave a property it’s usually done with a month’s notice. At Oak Industrial we have the people and processes to be able to quickly schedule in an end of tenancy clean for your property.

We work 7 days a week and some of our cleaning projects require us to clean throughout the night, so we can be flexible to suit your needs. If your end of tenancy cleaning is an emergency then Oak Industrial is up to the challenge.

End of tenancy cleaning is an area we consider ourselves to be experts in. Since Oak Industrial was formed in 1995 we’ve completed thousands of end of tenancy cleans and understand the importance of cleaning everywhere so that it’s fresh for the new tenant and reflects well on the letting agent or property owners.

Moving In / Out Cleaning Scotland

We work with local landlords, letting agents and with local councils to provide our moving in/ out cleaning service.

Our secret to retaining and growing the number of businesses we help with our end of tenancy cleaning service is down to our uncompromisingly high standards of cleaning, the people we recruit and only using the best cleaning materials.

The cleaners at Oak Industrial are part of our company and not an agency so we can flexibly meet your cleaning requirements.

Examples of End of Tenancy Cleaning

We recently finished an end of tenancy clean in some short term accommodation. We know you like the before and after pictures which we’ve added below.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Quote for End of Tenancy Cleaning

Let us know what you think about our Scottish end of tenancy cleaning service. Every day across Scotland we’re cleaning properties and getting them ready for the new tenants.

If you would like a quotation for end of tenancy cleaning services in Scotland then you can contact Oak Industrial on 01738 632935 or complete our quick quote enquiry form.

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Hand Dryers Glasgow

19 Sep

Finding the right hand dryer for your Glasgow business can be difficult, but Oak Industrial is on hand to help. Our skilled and professional team are experts at helping you decide which hand dryer would be best for your business.

We listen to your needs and help you select the perfect hand dryer for your company.

Hand Dryers Glasgow

Our hand dryers are eco friendly and more cost effective than using paper towels, not to mention a lot less labour intensive as somebody will no longer have to replenish the paper towels!

The search for the perfect hand dryer can be confusing, but not with Oak Industrial. We have a mixture of style, designs and features which will help you select the perfect hand dryer for your washroom.

We spoke with one Glasgow based company who wanted two hand dryers which were aluminium and operated without pushing a button. These are popular types of hand dryers across Scotland. We were able to provide a suitable quotation and help our client receive and install their hand dryer unit quickly.

We supply hand dryers to a range of different organisations, from pubs, clubs and restaurants, through to hand dryers for schools and Universities. We work alongside all types of businesses to ensure their washroom area is equipped with their chosen hand dryers.

Hand Dryer Company Glasgow

If you are searching for a professional hand dryer company in Glasgow you can speak to Oak Industrial. We supply hand dryers for business across Scotland. Our professional customer support team can liaise with you to select and install your hand dryer unit.

To speak to Oak Industrial about your hand dryer for your Glasgow washroom area, speak to Oak Industrial today on 01738 632935You can also submit a quick quote to find out about our prices.

Speak to Oak Industrial today about your commercial hand dryers.

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