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About Oak Industrial

Oak Industrial is a commercial cleaning and washroom services specialist operating across Scotland. Since 1995 we have been supporting commercial organisations, charities and voluntary groups with their cleaning and washroom services needs.

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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas from Oak Industrial.

We wish all of our customers and relationship partners a very Merry Christmas.


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We’ve all visited commercial premises, whether an office or other location, where the office has been far from tidy and welcoming. A clean office and business is clearly important for new clients, but what about your staff and external contractors?

clean office environmentWell, in a recent survey it was found that the majority of staff felt demotivated if they were working in an untidy office. Furthermore, external companies who were contracted to help a business also felt that if the business wasn’t taking pride in it’s office premises then the level of support could be reduced.

Office Cleaning Can Motivate Your Staff

It’s true that a clean office will make staff more productive.

It makes perfect sense. Keeping people motivated and focused on the job at hand is essential for any business. People want to know that the business they work for cares about how it portrays itself to the external environment. If the business is an aesthetically pleasing place to visit and work then staff and contractors will value the company higher.

If the company doesn’t care about the environment where clients visit and people work, then staff could take this as an opportunity to provide the bare minimum each day instead of going the extra mile. Often the phrase used by employees is “Well if the management don’t care about the business why should I?”.

Staff need to be motivated to work. When they come through the doors they need to know that the management and owners value the business and that the contribution of the employees is essential to the continued success of the business. Having a clean office space helps to create that professional and welcoming environment to help employees thrive.

Clean Office is a Happy Office

From our time as a commercial cleaning and washroom services company we’ve partnered with hundreds of companies to help their business grow. It’s clear to us that the companies who retain their staff the longest ultimately have the greatest success. One way to retain staff is to ensure their day to day work life is enjoyable. The first step is to ensure they are working in a clean and happy office environment.

Keeping your business clean and tidy is important and should not be considered as a waste of time or money. It’s about setting the right message for your business to move forward.

Who Can Clean My Office?

There are plenty of companies who will gladly help clean your office. Oak Industrial has been providing an office cleaning service in Scotland since 1995. We’ve become experts at managing our staff, of which we have over 100 and ensures we meet and exceed our customers expectations.

Our quality of service helps us stand out from other cleaning companies. We never cut corners and thoroughly believe that if a job is worth doing then it’s worth doing well. You can get a low cost quick office cleaning quote from the form at the side of this page or by telephoning us on 01738 632935.

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Flood helpline ScotlandEvery year, major parts of Scotland are flooded causing damage to residential and commercial properties for Scottish people. As a result we’ve created a national flood helpline in Scotland to help people get their lives back in order after flood damage has occurred.


You can call this number to get immediate help and support with any flood damage problem. Oak Industrial has been supporting people since 1995 with their flood damage problems. Whether it’s your house or your business we have the people and the tools to support you through this difficult time.

Our National Flood Helpline in Scotland

We can help people who are covered or not covered by their property insurance for flooding. If you do not have property insurance, or if your property insurance does not cover flooding, then you would be required to cover the costs of repair.

Speed is of the essence when a flood or water problem happens and it’s important to get to work quickly. That’s why we have over 100 fully trained employees at Oak Industrial who are ready to instantly help clean up the water damage at your business or home. We are fully certified and approved and have been since we started in 1995.

We can provide free help and advice via our telephone helpline. You can call the helpline on 01738 632935. We operate nationally across Scotland and are available to help in all kinds of flooding problems.

Need Help With A Flood?

Water damage to a home or property can be a shock so we know the most important thing is to work quickly and get your property back to the way you remember it.

We help people across Scotland who have a flood problem. When you call our national flood helpline we will take down some of your details and understand the severity of the situation. We work quickly to get the process started and if you’re happy we will be able to remove any excess water from your property and provide a safety report at the end. Our skilled professionals will have to evaluate the situation to understand the damage the water has caused and whether the water is dangerous.

Contact Scottish National Flood Helpline

The trained support team at Oak Industrial are waiting for your call should you wish to talk about your flood problem. We’re here to help.

For flood helpline support in Scotland contact Oak Industrial on

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Breaking & Cleaning

11 Dec

Sometimes we stumble across stories we just have to share with you. This made us chuckle and thought it could brighten up your cold Tuesday Scottish

A women in Ohio, America broke into a person’s house to help clean it up. She’s now being described as the “cleaning fairy”. Although, I’m not quiet sure that she’s a real fairy. After breaking into the person’s house and cleaning the premises she left a $75 bill.

The 53 year old said she was bored and needed something to do, so broke into the property and cleaned the coffee cups, emptied the kitchen bin, hoovered the entire property and dusted.

Although being sentenced for the first time, the perpetrator has admitted doing this before. She said she breaks into properties, cleans them and then leaves a bill on a napkin with her phone number.

She has been sentenced to do 20 hours of community service and put on probation for one year. Anybody else think she might enjoy 20 hours of community service if it’s cleaning?

Desperate to Clean

At Oak Industrial we love to clean. From high rise buildings to daily office cleaning, we just love keeping businesses clean. However, we’re not going to break into a commercial property and start cleaning. We prefer if you get in touch with one of our lovely customer service team and speak with one of our Directors about your cleaning needs. We’ll then set a tailored schedule based around your needs and arrive at a time you expect us.

You can get in touch with us about your commercial cleaning requirements by telephoning us directly on 01738 632935 or by completing an enquiry form on the side of this page.

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Daily-Office-Cleaning-ScotlandExperience is everything in office cleaning. That’s why, when you’re looking for a Scottish daily office cleaning company you should speak to Oak Industrial. We’ve been cleaning offices from Inverness to Gretna and Glasgow to Edinburgh since 1995.

Back then we had 3 members of staff, but as our demand for office cleaning grew and our reputation as a reliable, affordable and high quality office cleaning company increased, we’ve now got over 100 employees.

Daily Office Cleaning in Scotland

When it comes to our daily office cleaning service, we’ve been providing tailored cleaning solutions for businesses since 1995. It’s this experience which helps us exceed our customers expectations. However, we’re often asked what we will and won’t clean as a Scottish daily office cleaning service. Well, unlike many office cleaning providers, we don’t limit ourselves to what we can and cannot clean. For instance, we can even clean the outside of high rise buildings with our specialists heights cleaning team.

A standard daily office clean will include;

  • Floor cleaning, including hoovers carpets
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of desks
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Office stairs cleaning
  • Computer cleaning

Our cleaning team are expertly trained and we are fully certified to provide commercial cleaning services to companies in Scotland. There’s very little our cleaning experts can’t clean so challenge us today. All of our products are powerful enough to clean 99.9% of germs whilst being eco-friendly.

Many of our clients require us to clean at a specific time during the day, which we can fully accomodate because each daily office cleaning schedule is custom made to suit each client’s demands. We fit effortlessly around your business to ensure a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment is enjoy by your clients, staff and business associates.

Top Scottish Commercial Cleaning Locations

Our top locations in Scotland for office cleaning is, as expected, in the high volume areas where the demand is greatest. We have office cleaning in Glasgow, daily office cleaning in Edinburgh and several clients who require frequent, if not daily office cleaning in Aberdeen, Inverness, Livingston and office cleaning in the borders too.

One of the benefits of working with Oak Industrial is that we’ve grown since our inception in 1995 t0 a cleaning company with over 100 members of staff. So, you can rely on us to meet most of your cleaning expectations. We’re a close company and value each and every member of our team. It’s this family-based community that we’ve built which has helped our company become one of the most successful Scottish commercial cleaning companies.

Regardless of where your company is based, Oak Industrial can provide our exceptionally high quality service at an affordable price. We’re able to meet your daily cleaning requirements because of the number of staff we employ, our years of experience and because we already operate on a daily basis across Scotland cleaning offices.

Hire Your Scottish Daily Office Cleaners

Oak Industrial provides commercial daily office cleaning services to a wide variety of businesses across Scotland, whether your business is city centre in Glasgow or just off the motorway, we’ll be there to help keep your business clean and running smoothly.

If you already have a daily office cleaning service with another company then why not compare our level of service and pricing to understand whether our support would be better suited to your business. We clean for large multi-national corporations as well as small to medium sized companies too. Regardless of the size of company, every client receives a tailored cleaning service at an affordable and value for money price.

Get a quick quote today by completing our side enquiry form or by telephoning us directly on 01738 632935.


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We’re providing commercial air fresheners for washrooms and have been doing so since 1995. 

Do you need a washroom air freshener? We are a Scottish company, based in Perth, which operates across Scotland providing washroom services. We’ve been washroom specialists since 1995 when we first opened and have grown because of our flexibility to meet our clients needs and expert cleaning.

As well as supplying hand dryers for washrooms and commercial cleaning, we also ensure every element of the washroom is covered for our clients, including the aesthetics, such as washroom air fresheners.

Washroom Air Fresheners

We provide commercial air fresheners across Scotland for lots of different businesses. These include:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants / Pubs
  • Churches
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Sporting venues
  • Business parks
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Conference centres
Where there is a business washroom, there is the need for a commercial air freshener.


Other clients have managed to set air freshener challenges for us, but we always exceed their expectations where others can’t. Our air freshener units and be set to a timer, discreetly placed in a washroom or even be automatically turned off when they are not in use. When selecting a washroom air freshener it’s important to know that we hold a complete range of different air fresheners so can support you in choosing the correct air freshener for your business.

Which Scottish Washroom Air Fresheners are Best?

We’ve helped hundreds of different companies with their washroom needs. Here are some questions you can ask to determine which type of air freshener your washroom area should use:

  • How frequently do you expect the air freshener to be used?
  • How busy is the washroom area?
  • Do you have multiple washrooms and could there be a discount available?
  • Will you need to refill the fragrance can frequently?
  • What fragrance would best suit your business?
  • How often do fragrance cans have to be ordered / delivered and then changed?
These are all questions which we can help you answer and build the perfect washroom services support for your business. We see our service support as an extension of your existing business so you can rely on us to be there when you need us and constantly in the background helping your business.

We get great discounts and savings off our commercial washroom air fresheners which we can pass onto our clients. If you’re interested in finding out about the great deals we can offer, just get in touch by telephone 01738 632935 or complete a quick quote form on the side of this website and we’ll be back in touch

Get A Commercial Washroom Air Freshener

Our washroom air fresheners provide a value for money service, whether it’s the washroom air freshener unit you require or the refill bottle we can support your business. Each client has a record at Oak Industrial and if you’ve previously purchased an air freshener from us then we’ll know the fragrance that is associated with your company.

If you have never previously purchased a commercial washroom air freshener from Oak Industrial then give us a try. Our customer service and low price air fresheners are of exceptional quality and brilliant value for money.

You can get a commercial washroom air freshener from Oak Industrial by simply calling our telephone number which is 01738 632935 or complete our enquiry form and we’ll be back in touch. We operate across Scotland, with washroom air fresheners in Glasgow and Edinburgh being most popular because they are the largest cities. We are often in Aberdeen and Inverness for our clients or even as far south as the Borders providing washroom services so we’re available to meet.

Alternatively, you’re welcome to stop by our office for a coffee and to meet with our team to discuss your washroom cleaning needs.

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When hundreds of people pass through one place, it’s going to need cleaned frequently. In Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and indeed throughout Scotland, our shop cleaning service is in demand. An unclean shopping environment can lead to disgruntled customers and with greater choice of shopping location than ever before, shops and shopping centres are doing everything they can to attract customers to a safe, clean shopping environment.

Oak Industrial already manages shops and shopping centres, from the cleaning of floors and stairs through to managing washroom areas. This includes making sure the washroom is cleaned frequently and is always well stocked. In Scotland we’ve become specialists at cleaning shopping environments with our eco friendly products and qualified staff.

Shop Cleaning Scotland

Each shop we clean in Scotland is different. The amount of cleaning, the products we use and the style of cleaning is customised based on each shops cleaning requirements. It doesn’t matter if your shop is based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness or the Borders, we have the people to keep your shop clean and sparkling!

Some shops only need a one of clean on a frequent basis, where as other shops require a daily clean to keep the standard very high. The level of cleaning within our washroom area is very high so we will often be on-site regularly to maintain the cleaning standards we expect for our clients.

Many of our clients state that the cleanliness of their shop makes it more appealing for people to enter and then spend money. So a clean shop is a happy shop is the motto one customer used.

Cleaning Businesses Across Scotland

Oak Industrial has been cleaning businesses in Scotland since 1995. We provide a wide range of services from cleaning offices and shops through to our washroom services support. We’re the people who can clean high rise buildings but more often we clean high street shops and offices. We love to clean.

Being a Scottish company with almost 20 years experience, we’ve learned that a clean shop is extremely important to our clients and to the customers who shop in the business premises. We take pride in the work we do and the standard of cleaning is maintained at a high standard. The reporting and mystery shop testing we do ensures the cleaning standard is kept high and clients remain happy.

A Clean Shop Is A Happy Shop!”

We would invite you to test our shop cleaning in Scotland standards. We can introduce you to existing clients in order for you to get independent feedback. Alternatively, get in touch and we will show you some of the shops we clean at present, so you can carry out your own mystery shopper!

Shops Commercial Cleaning Support

For our best commercial cleaning support, you can get in touch by telephoning us on 01738 632935 or by completing a quick quote on the side of this page. Our quotes are free and you are under no oligation to proceed.

Between our level of service, tailored support and excellent pricing, we will ensure you get value for your money with our Scottish shop cleaning service.

Remember, there is no job too large or small for Oak Industrial. We have over 100 staff in Scotland cleaning everything from offices and shops through to washrooms and car parks. Literally, we clean everything, we give us a call on 01738 632935 for more information.


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Whether it’s a commercial business or a personal property, speed is of the essence when there is flood damage.

Flood Restoration Advice

At Oak Industrial we work to help people get their house or business back the way they remember it. Flood restoration requires our expertise to clear the water and safely dry out the property.

As a result we get to work as quickly as possible to get everything back on track for you. We’ve been praised for our quick response and it’s why we’ve become one of Scotland’s most popular flood restoration specialists for commercial and residential properties.

Flood Restoration Support Scotland

Scottish Flood Restoration CompanyOur mobile support units are part of the latest technology at Oak Industrial. Often the electricity supply has been damaged, plus for safety we would never use the electricity so our extraction devices will help clear the water.

We then check the structure and ensure no long lasting damage has been done. Before we are finished we supply you with a full flood restoration report to explain what we have done and confirm that your property will is OK. Our skilled team have been providing expert flood restoration support since 1995 and are fully trained, experienced professionals who can help you.

We aim to keep all costs to a minimum for you and guarantee we will work as quickly as possible to reduce the disruption to your home or business without compromising safety.

Company Help to Restore After Flood Damage

flood restoration Scotland

Speed is often of the essence when it comes to commercial or residential flood damage. You don’t want to be waiting for support, which is why with over 100 employees and based in Scotland, Oak Industrial is one of the leading flood restoration companies.

You can call and speak to Oak Industrial on 01738 632935 or complete an email enquiry and we’ll be back in touch.There’s no job too large or small for us to deal with, so just get in touch and we’ll do the rest. We supply free no obligation quotes before we do any of the work so our costs are clear upfront.

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Comrie Flood Damage

23 Nov

Clean up preparations are getting underway to get Comrie residents back to normality after severe flooding after swollen rivers and extensive flooding caused homes and businesses to be destroyed.comrie-flood-damage-repair

150 people had to be moved from their home because of the flooding. 2,000 sand bags have been delivered to the area to help keep the water out of properties as there is the potential of further flooding.

As we are based in Perth we are already helping people with their flood and water damage repair plan. We help everybody with their flood and water damage repair, businesses and customers alike. Usually, the costs are covered by the home or business insurance. We are doing everything we can to help people in the area get back to normality.

Comrie Flood Damage Repair

The Perth and Kinross council have stated they will be doing more to ensure this does not happen again. This has mean the £1 million proposals currently being considered by the council will be hurried through.

After the Water of Ruchill burst its banks emergency services were quick to react to ensure people were safe, however the lasting damage to properties will still need to be repaired.

You can see some of the damage caused on this BBC News page.

Perth Company Flood Damage Clean-up

Residents in the Perthshire village of Comrie are now left to clean up the remains of their property before they can start to rebuild their lives. Oak Industrial is a Perth based company which has operated since 1995. We’ve become accustomed to helping people in their hour of need. We have the specialist tools required to deal with water damage, clear excess water and restore the property wood and other fixtures to their previous standard.

If we can help at this difficult time people telephone us on 01738 632935. We will be only too happy to help get you back on your feet, whether it’s your business or house, Oak Industrial is here to help.

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Oak Industrial has been providing a professional cleaning services to companies in Scotland since 1995. So, we know a thing or two about providing exceptional customer service, tailored cleaning and working to meet our client’s expectations.

When you select your professional cleaning company we always advise you to go on a recommended company. Over 90% of the commercial cleaning and washroom services we provide are from word of mouth or referral. Our quality and value for money professional cleaning service is why Scottish companies trust us to look after their cleaning needs.

Selecting Your Professional Cleaning Service in Scotland

When choosing your commercial cleaning partner it’s often difficult to determine which are the best? Isn’t every commercial cleaning company the same? Well no, we like to think that our service standards are superior to many other companies. As a result of our experience and the number of companies we work with, we’re able to offer excellent value for money commercial cleaning for Scottish companies.

Cleaning Scotland Decision

Commercial Cleaning in Scotland

You’ve got 3 options when selecting your professional cleaning services for Scotland. The 3 options are the different companies you would like to choose to clean your premises.

The 3 options are:

The cheapest company – The cheapest company will usually cut corners on their time and quality of materials. However, it can help you save money.

The best quality company – The best quality can often come at a high price. However, the quality will be worth it.

The most convenient company– A company that will ensure they are there when you need them. However, it’s likely a convenient company will charge more as a result.

There are pitfalls to avoid when it comes to selecting your commercial cleaning partner, but every company is looking to find a value for money professional cleaning service.

A Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

If you would like a quotation for our cleaning services then we would love to show you what we can do. We have a variety of different services which you can benefit from.

Our cleaning services divisions can provide office cleaning throughout Scotland as well as specialist heights cleaning, whereas our washroom services team ensures commercial washrooms are maintained to high standards, including supplying air fresheners, soaps and hand dryers.

We’ve learned to support our Scottish clients over the past 17 years and that’s what makes us a professional cleaning service.

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