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About Oak Industrial

Oak Industrial is a commercial cleaning and washroom services specialist operating across Scotland. Since 1995 we have been supporting commercial organisations, charities and voluntary groups with their cleaning and washroom services needs.

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Usually commercial cleaning is hidden away at the back of a company but from time to time it’s the most important problem in a company. But we’re experienced as an emergency cleaning company to react fact to commercial cleaning needs.

Quick Cleaning Company

Our commercial cleaning team work with clients on a frequent basis to provide daily cleaning services. This is everything from cleaning floors and stairs to cleaning the washroom areas. We are discreet and get the job done to a very high standard. We have a saying at Oak Industrial, if you don’t notice a cleaning company, but your commercial premises are very clean, then we are doing our job correctly. You shouldn’t notice our cleaning team, the premises should just be cleaned to our usual high standards.

However, there are instances when companies require a different cleaning service – an emergency cleaning company!

Our emergency cleaning team is just one telephone call away. We can dispatch our emergency cleaning team at a moment’s notice. You simply have to give us a telephone call, any time of the day or night and we will be on hand to resolve the cleaning problem. Our emergency cleaning team can work very fast to clean factories, office buildings, provide a builders clean or a number of other cleaning projects.

Quality Emergency cleaning Help

We won’t be beaten at Oak Industrial for the speed at which we can react to help your company with our cleaning services. But, what’s the point in a quick emergency cleaning company if the quality is below par? Thankfully, that won’t happen at Oak Industrial.

We have the full range of products in stock, over 100 employees across Scotland and the experience required to get the cleaning project completed on time and to the highest cleaning standards. You don’t have to worry, one call to Oak Industrial and our clean team will take care of the rest.

After we complete your emergency cleaning project you can then speak to Oak Industrial about a regular clean schedule if you wish. Alternatively you may never need our services again, which is fine too.

Cleaning Company Support

If your company needs cleaning support quickly then speak to Oak Industrial for a no obligation quotation. We work quickly, provide a high level of service and all for a fantastic price. You can trust Oak Industrial with your emergency cleaning so give us a call on 01738 632935.


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We’ve been providing cleaning and commercial washroom services since 1995 and through our years of experience we’ve learned a number of things. One of these things is that there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction.

As a result, we always ask our customers for feedback on our service. This is usually completed on a qualitative method with an informal chat, however, this doesn’t demonstrate the level of service we provide. It can also mean we don’t always know how to improve our service which we constantly strive to do.

Review Oak Industrial

We’ve setup review areas on independent websites so our customers can review our cleaning and washroom services support.

If you are currently a customer of Oak Industrial, or have been a customer in the past, please help us by taking 5 minutes to visit a review website below to review our service. Your honest feedback is always appreciated.

You can review Oak Industrial here at Free Index or Yellow Pages.

Thank you for your time.

Recommended Cleaning Company

We believe we are a well respected and highly thought of commercial cleaning and washroom services company and the word of mouth referrals we receive from existing clients reinforces our belief that looking after our clients should always remain our top priority. Becoming Scotland’s most recommended cleaning company is our goal, so thank you for helping to support this objective.

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Weekly Update: We’ve Been Cleaning Offices in Glasgow

Glasgow CleaningFrom time to time we like to share a little information about what we’ve been doing. This week, our cleaning team have been busy in offices throughout Glasgow. From the financial district to the outskirts of Glasgow City centre we have been providing office cleaning in Glasgow.

Office Cleaning Glasgow

Our office cleaning clients usually hear about our services through word of mouth but many are now finding us on the internet. Once they read a little about our services, affordable pricing and years of experience they will get in touch.

Before we begin cleaning their Glasgow office we do a number of things. We start by understanding what office cleaning support is required so we can tailor our service and price accordingly. Then, we produce an office cleaning schedule which can be reviewed and edited. Once our clients are happy with our office cleaning plan we get to work.

We have to ensure the correct eco-friendly products are used, that our expert cleaning team are aware of the schedule and ready to put the cleaning plan into action. Our evaluation team will then monitor and review all of our cleaning to guarantee the highest standards of cleaning are maintained for every client.

Office Cleaning Company in Glasgow

Glasgow is a vibrant city and business is at the heart of the city. From industrial manufacturing through to office call centres, there’s many different business premises which need regular cleaning.

At Oak Industrial our cleaning team can provide Industrial Cleaning, office cleaning and washroom services. We are an all in one business cleaning service supporting our client’s businesses in Glasgow, whatever they need.

This week we helped a property management company with end of tenancy cleaning in Glasgow, several offices with their cleaning and also a number of Glasgow factories with stream cleaning. It’s been a busy week!

Working With Our Glasgow Cleaning Team

Oak Industrial operate across Scotland. If you’re interested in working with our Cleaning team in Glasgow then get in touch and we’ll be glad to meet and discuss your business cleaning needs.

You can contact Oak Industrial via an email or by telephoning 01738 632935.


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When Tenants Leave We’re There To Clean For You

Our professional cleaning team provide end of tenancy cleaning in Scotland for residential properties. We work with large letting agents and independent landlord cleaning services too.

We can help by providing a wide range of cleaning services for your property. For a quick quote please get in touch via telephone or complete the contact form on our website.

Professional Cleaning End of Tenancy

Oak Industrial clean properties across Scotland. Our teams are strategically placed across Scotland in key areas like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and the Borders. This means we can provide professional cleaning for end of tenancy clients quickly and affordably.

One of the benefits of working with Oak Industrial is that if you have properties across Scotland you can rely on our cleaning team to be able to provide end of tenancy cleaning whenever your properties are in Scotland.

Clean Property after Tenant Leaves

When your tenant leaves your property it will need cleaned but you can rely on Oak Industrial to be there and help. Our specialist cleaners will quickly and reliably clean any property on your behalf. Our professional end of tenancy cleaning service is quick and effortless.

We’ve been providing an end of tenancy cleaning service since 1995 and have grown to be one of the largest companies in Scotland. This is because as an end of tenancy cleaning company based in Scotland we’re dedicated to looking after our clients and providing a reliable service.

Estate Agency Cleaning Services

We can work alongside estate agencies to provide end of tenancy cleaning services for multiple properties. We are experienced at working on large scale projects and supporting clients across a portfolio of properties. Our professional end of tenancy cleaning team is available with short notice across Scotland.

If Oak Industrial can help you with your end of tenancy cleaning then please get in touch. We will gladly provide you with a detailed plan of how we can help you with your cleaning needs. You will receive a director contact at Oak Industrial and a no obligation quotation for cleaning services.

For a quotation for Scottish office cleaning please telephone 01738 632935.

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We consider ourselves to be cleaning Scotland specialists and this is a reputation we’ve developed because we have been cleaning office, buildings, washrooms and services apartments since 1995.

As a Scottish cleaning company, you can challenge Oak Industrial today with any cleaning project, large or small. With our experienced commercial cleaning in Scotland there’s rarely a project we have not completed in the past.

Cleaning Scotland Experts

Business-cleaning-GlasgowWe’re cleaning Scotland one business at a time, but each Scottish business requires a tailored level of support. It’s this tailored service we pride ourselves on being able to supply. Every business is unique and we embrace this at Oak Industrial because we’re different to many other companies. We fit around your business, not the other way about. Our standards and service will be tailored completely to the service you require and with fantastic low prices it’s no wonder we’ve been successful as cleaning experts in Scotland for almost 20 years.

From Office Cleaning in Glasgow through to builders cleaning in Edinburgh we’re here to help. We have clients in Inverness and the Borders of Scotland so we’re equipped for any cleaning project across Scotland.

Cleaning Scotland Services

When you work with Oak Industrial you’re partnering with an experienced company with the necessary credentials, qualifications and securities to work with any size of company. We clean for multi-national corporations and small businesses a like. Our pricing structure reflects the level of support which is required so we can tailor every quote for each individual client, whilst ensuring we deliver the same fantastic cleaning service for every client.

Some of the cleaning services we are able to offer in Scotland are:

  • Daily Office Cleaning
  • One-Off Cleaning
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • Builders Clean
  • Commercial Steam Cleaning
  • And, much more…

Visit the link for a full range of our cleaning services in Scotland.

We also have washroom services. Our washroom services Scotland team can provide washroom services like managing your washroom area, ensuring it is cleaned constantly and always to the highest standards. Whether you need a new hand dryer, clean washroom area (sinks, toilets and floors etc) or just need your vending machines stocked, Oak Industrial can help.

We realise that by helping make our clients lives easier we can build a strong, long-lasting and successful business relationship which is mutually beneficial.

Hire Scottish Cleaning Company

You can hire Oak Industrial for any cleaning project in Scotland. From builders to property management companies, we provide top business to business relationship support, excellent cleaning services and all at a fantastic price.

As a cleaning Scotland expert, we’re happy to give you a detailed plan of how we can help you and tailor a price to suit your needs.

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Offices across Scotland need a reliable cleaning team to support their business. Some companies choose to hire their own cleaner, some companies will do the cleaning themselves but many choose to hire professionals to clean their business.
Office-cleaning-ScotlandThere are pros and cons to hiring your own cleaner, such as you get the benefit of having someone on site 24/7, however this can be costly with wages, holidays and taxes which business have to pay. Asking your existing employees to double-up as cleaners is a decision many business owners take. In our opinion this can lead to unhappy employees who will inevitably leave for better conditions at alternative companies. The quality of the cleaning is rarely of the same standard and distracts employees from their contracted business duties.

That’s why, for professional office cleaning services you need a Scottish office cleaning specialist. A company who will provide value for money office cleaning based on an arrangement to suit your business. Professional office cleaning companies, like Oak Industrial, are trained experts and use eco-friendly products to help keep your office clean.

Professional Office Cleaning in Scotland

Professional Office Cleaning Scotland

At Oak Industrial we can provide a range of professional office cleaning services for Scottish companies. We have specialist teams across Scotland in key regions, such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, the Borders and the Highlands to manage every office cleaning project. We’ve been providing office cleaning services since 1995.


Our professional cleaning team in Scotland support businesses with a wide range of office cleaning services to meet their business needs. We find that by providing this range of services companies are able to rely on Oak Industrial for any and every cleaning and washroom services task. In our mind, most customers tell us that it’s important their commercial office cleaning company is

  • Reliable: A cleaning company must be able to do what they say they can
  • Affordable: The price each client pays must match the level of service.
  • Quality: The quality of the cleaning should be outstanding
  • Customer care: Caring about our clients business is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

By providing these four attributes we provide an enhanced customer experience and ensure our current office cleaning clients are satisfied with our service.

What Office Cleaning Services Can We Offer?

Our professional cleaning team in Scotland support businesses with a wide range of office cleaning services to meet their business needs. We find that by providing this range of services companies are able to rely on Oak Industrial for any and every cleaning and washroom services task. The cleaning services we offer for businesses in Scotland are:

Office cleaning

  • Daily Office Cleaning: Many of our existing clients like their offices cleaned daily. We can provide a daily cleaning service and also manage any washroom areas too.
  • One-Off Cleaning: A one-off clean is a popular service we provide. Not every business needs daily cleaning so we’ll be there when you need us. With key cleaning specialists in locations around Scotland we can be there for your business to provide our expert cleaning service.
  • End Of Tenancy Cleaning: Oak Industrial has worked with letting agents for years to clean properties after tenants have vacated. We help get the property clean and ready to let for the next client.
  • Window Cleaning: Our window cleaning team can work at heights to clean office windows.
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning: For pubs, restaurants and other businesses where the furniture is a vital part of the service, we can provide a carpet and upholstery service to clean and mend worn areas.
  • Factory Cleaning: In Scotland many companies operate out of factories. With our high powered steam cleaning system we can steam clean factory floors to make them spotless again.
  • Builders Clean: After builders have finished building hospitals, schools and other locations they need a cleaning team to provide a reliable and thorough cleaning service. Since 1995 we’ve been providing a builders clean service.
  • High Level Cleaning: Working at heights is a dangerous prospect but at Oak Industrial we have specialists teams who can help your business with building cleaning at any height.
  • Steam Cleaning: Our steam cleaning is a high powered tool which cleans any area. We use the steam cleaning system to ensure excellent results. This is often used for projects like car park cleaning where oil and dirt are present.
  • Water damage Repair: If your business is flooded you want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Our water damage repair team work with commercial and residential properties to repair water damaged properties.

For almost twenty years Oak Industrial has been adapting to support clients with their business. We’ve added services as they have been required and now we can provide almost any cleaning service for businesses. But, what can Oak Industrial do for you?

Professional Office Cleaning

The frequency of your office cleaning is your decision, but we can help guide and advise you on the level of professional office cleaning which your business may need.

Our professional office cleaning services are available across Scotland. Our two most popular areas are Glasgow and Edinburgh because most offices in Scotland are located in these areas, but we also help businesses in Inverness, Kelso and Aberdeen with our office cleaning services.

If you would like a free, no obligation quotation for professional office cleaning services then please call 01738 632935 or complete a quick quote on our website and we will be back in touch.

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At Oak Industrial we’ve spent years understanding our customer’s needs. It’s this understanding that enables us to provide an exceptional commercial window cleaning service for each and every one of our customers.

Businesses across Scotland need their windows cleaned. Whether it’s a one story building or a large city centre office block, we have the trained personnel to look after your office window cleaning.

Scottish Business Window Cleaners

It’s important your business is working with the right cleaning company. The correct experience, certification and training is essential to ensure commercial window cleaning is completed accurately, safely and to an appropriate standard.

We are fully certified to provide commercial cleaning services, our employees are continually trained to provide the highest level of service and clean and we evaluate this with regular reviews to guarantee your office is cleaned to a consistently high standard.

We’ve been cleaning commercial office windows since 1995. Now, we have the resources and equipment to provide cleaning at a high level. We are expert window cleaners in Scotland, specifically at high levels for businesses needing their windows cleaned.

Commercial Window Cleaning Service

We provide a range of services for business who require a commercial window cleaning service. We work with building management companies across Scotland or directly with companies who rent or own their business premises.

Our customer service, quality of support and cleaning standards are always the same. Every customer is guaranteed only the best business window cleaning service. However, as a result of operating across the whole of Scotland, we can tailor our services to specifically meet your company cleaning needs.

We’re the flexible, reliable and experienced commercial window cleaning company in Scotland.

Business Window Cleaning

If your business needs a window cleaning service or even if you’re just interested in a quote to compare your current provider, speak to Oak Industrial today. We will explain exactly how we can support your business based on your requirements, then provide you with a detailed plan and a competitive price. If you then wish to proceed with our commercial window cleaning service we will provide you with Director contact at all times, ensuring the process is seamless and efficient.

You can contact Oak Industrial about commercial window cleaning or any other cleaning or washroom service we provide on 01738 632935. Alternatively, why not complete a quick quote enquiry on the side of this website and one of our team will be back in touch shortly.

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As well as cleaning washrooms across Scotland we provide a washroom management service. This means we can ensure the washroom area is well stocked and always in pristine condition for the next person.

One of the services available from Oak Industrial ensures that we keep the vending machines well stocked at all times. Vending machines can hold a variety of popular products. Whether your washroom vending machine supplies include mints, condoms or painkillers, the washroom management team at Oak Industrial can help keep your washroom vending supplies stocked.

Washroom Vending Machine Supplies

You’ll have been in commercial washrooms where you will have seen and possibly even used the vending machine. We help companies across Scotland with their washroom vending machine management.

We can supply the commercial vending machine products for your washroom or we can help you manage your entire washroom area. Our washroom services team operate across Scotland and can help your business with everything from soap dispensers through to cleaning your washroom area. The benefit of working with Oak Industrial is that we are a flexible provider of washroom services and tailor our services to your business needs.

Why Have A Vending Machine in Your Washroom?

There are two primary reasons to have a vending machine in your commercial washroom:

  • Extra income: Mints and other products are sold at a premium price because of the convenience of the vending machine. You can make extra income from having a vending machine.
  • Customer service: Many customers now expect to see a vending machine in a washroom area. Customer satisfaction would be maintained for many people if they could use a commercial vending machine in a washroom.

Commercial Washroom Vending Machine

If you would like to speak to Oak Industrial about your commercial washroom vending machine then please telephone 01738 632935 or complete a quick enquiry form and we will be back in touch shortly.

We are happy to provide a no obligation quote for your business.

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Many businesses will naturally have to dispose of their waste safely. This can include waste disposal for nappies, sanitary towels and other washroom waste. At Oak Industrial, we know exactly how to support your business with it’s waste management responsibilities.

To find out more about how Oak Industrial can help you and your business with your commercial waste disposal needs please complete our quick quote form or telephone 01738 632935.

Waste Disposal Service in Scotland

Having supported businesses across Scotland since 1995 with their waste disposal requirements, we’ve become expert at providing an exceptional and reliable service. We primarily operate in Scotland’s largest cities, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, however we also provide waste management services for washrooms in Perth, Inverness and the Scottish Borders.

One of the benefits of working with a company such as Oak Industrial which has been established for almost twenty years is that we have the resources and skills to provide an exceptionally high quality of service. We have experienced staff located across Scotland and ready to support you with your waste disposal needs.

You can get more information about our commercial waste disposal service on our waste disposal page.

Scottish Commercial Waste Disposal

Each and every client is important to us at Oak Industrial, that’s why for every client we create a custom plan based on your requirements. Before we proceed we explain exactly what we will do and provide regular updates to detail what we have done on behalf of your business. Our commercial waste disposal team is reliable, highly trained and discreet.

We can manage the process from start to finish for you and your business if you want. We can supply the bins and provide the collection service too. We will explain the legal requirements of disposing of commercial waste and all of our costs are upfront and clearly listed before we start any project on your behalf.

Best Waste Disposal Experts

We believe at Oak Industrial we are Scotland’s best waste disposal experts. From our reliable customer service through to our excellent prices you can be assured that you have the best partner to support your company. We value our business relationships and seek to provide outstanding customer service and support for your waste disposal needs.

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The festive period is typically a time for spending with family and friends. However, at Oak Industrial we know all too well that December and January are busy months for flooding and water damage in homes and businesses.

Water damage can cause thousands of pounds worth of repairs, but more importantly, it means a painful and torrid experience dealing with the remains of the damaged property.

Scottish Flood Damage

Flood damage in Scotland has been particularly worrying in Perth and north Scotland. Today, Stonehaven and other parts of Aberdeenshire called for help after people were evacuated from their homes when the River Carron burst its banks on Sunday morning.

Many people are being forced to spend the period between Christmas and New Year in temporary accommodation with the worrying prospect of having to repair the damage early in 2013.

There has been flooding problems for homes and businesses across Scotland over the past two months, including the Comrie flooding.

Aberdeen Flooding Help

dri-eaz-evolution-dehumidifier-ScotlandFor areas like Aberdeen where businesses and residential properties have been hit by flooding, we’re ready to help. Speed is of the essence, which is why we have the top of the best equipment to get your house or business back to normal.

The Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Industrial Drier Dehumidifier or the Ebac Kompact Dehumidifier will help restore your property back to normal.  They both clear 55 litres of water from a room each day and we use Truvox air movers to re circulate the damp air to allow the dehumidifiers to ensure full room is drying out.

Our machines are available for hire and will be set up on site by our operatives with fully guidance and support available.

You can enquire about our DeHumidifier or Truvox air movers by telephoning our team on 01738 632935. Alternatively, you can submit a quick quote and we will get back to you with more information, including our prices.

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