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About Oak Industrial

Oak Industrial is a commercial cleaning and washroom services specialist operating across Scotland. Since 1995 we have been supporting commercial organisations, charities and voluntary groups with their cleaning and washroom services needs.

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We’ve been providing companies with industrial cleaning since 1995. Our customer service, affordability and responsive support ensures we remain an outstanding choice as an industrial cleaning company.

Industrial cleaning is about providing the right level of service, at the right price. Our cleaning techniques and products and eco-friendly and industry leading which is accompanied by our exceptional customer service.

Industrial Cleaning Company

Industrial cleaning equipmentCompanies contact Oak Industrial for a number of different reasons. From an emergency industrial clean, through to a regular scheduled clean, our specialist industrial cleaners are experts at getting the job done.

We first started industrial cleaning in 1995, but now we’ve grown to complete a wide range of industrial cleaning projects. Some of the most famous buildings in the UK have been cleaned by Oak Industrial. We’re involved at present with the building of a new entertainment arena.

Some of the major projects we can complete includes factory cleaning, kitchen cleaning, pub and restaurant industrial cleaning, builders cleaning, washroom services cleaning and much more.

You’ll be amazed at what our specialist industrial cleaners can clean. Our industrial cleaners can clean the tallest of buildings or the largest of industrial factories.

Specialist Industrial Cleaners

Ultimately, our industrial cleaning is tailored to your needs. If you need industrial cleaning services then our specialist industrial cleaners are on hand to help.

We’ll meet with you to understand your requirements and explain exactly what we can do. Our industrial cleaning team will then get to work on your behalf.

It’s easy to get in touch with us. Just call 01738 632935.

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We’re proud to say that since 1995 we’ve grown as a commercial cleaning company due to the fact we are so highly rated. But, we couldn’t have done it without our customers.

Our customers sing our praises and often introduce our services to new companies. This word of mouth exposure is the primary reason we’ve been providing commercial cleaning in Scotland for almost 20 years.

Commercial Cleaning Scotland: Our Customers

We asked one customer what they liked about working with Oak Industrial. The answer was simple. “The service is reliable. The quality is fantastic and the price is affordable… what more could I ask for.”

Subsequently, we’ve been introduced to other companies who required office cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, washroom services management or a number of other services we can supply.

The key is to look after your customers. The businesses we support are like an extension of our own company. It’s for this reason we work extremely hard to resolve any problems. For example, a factory required an emergency clean with less than 24 hours notice. As the factory cleaning specialists, we worked to ensure the factory was cleaned to the highest standards, despite less than 1 day of notice. We were able to complete this project to our usual standard and one time, leaving our client happy.

Commercial cleaning in Scotland is about adjusting to meet our clients business demands.

Commercial Cleaning CustomersQuality & Service Commercial Cleaning in Scotland

Placing the customer at the heart of everything we do ensures we meet our quality commercial cleaning standards. Some of the methods we use to manage and monitor our quality standards is to provide management evaluation spot checks, director to director meetings with our clients to discuss the quality of our cleaning as well as customised reporting.

For new customers who are not introduced to us by an existing client, we are happy to make an introduction to an existing client so you can get feedback on our service. We’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved at Oak Industrial over the past 20 years and our clients are fundamental to our growth.

If you’re interested to know more about the history of Oak Industrial, or would like information about our commercial cleaning services please telephone 01738 632935.

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Our washroom services are constantly expanding and Livingston is a thriving business community where washroom and office cleaning services are required. Located 20 minutes outside Edinburgh and 40 minutes along the M8 from Glasgow, businesses are rushing to open offices in Livingston because of the location.

At Oak Industrial, as one of Scotland’s largest and most reputable washroom services and office cleaning companies, it’s helped our business continue to grow. We can provide specialist office cleaning and washroom services tailored to our client’s needs.

Office Cleaning Livingston

Livingston-office-cleaningPreviously, we would have listed the major Scottish cities are the prime location for office cleaning, such as Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen. However, in recent years businesses based in Livingston need office cleaning and we have been able to support their business.

We have the largest network of office cleaning specialists in Scotland ready to provide office cleaning in Livingston and other major business industrial locations.

Companies Cleaning Offices Livingston

Oak Industrial has specialist advisors in Livingston to provide tailored office cleaning. This means that no matter how complex the job, we can help. Our washroom services team are also on hand, if required, to manage commercial washroom areas.

Our office cleaning team can provide support on a schedule to suit you and your business needs. The schedule is developed and constant reporting is provided. You can expect the highest quality of cleaning associated with one of Scotland’s largest washroom services and commercial office cleaning companies.

Quote for Office Cleaning in Livingston

Find out about our great prices and fantastic offers for our clients. We’ll demonstrate the quality of our cleaning and excellent prices. To get in touch, please complete a quick quote enquiry form on the side of this page or telephone 01738 632935.

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It’s coming up to the start of the new financial year and as it quickly approaches many companies are looking to change their office cleaning company for a new provider. There are many reasons for doing this, from looking to reduce costs through to asking for an improved service.

Office cleaning in Glasgow is one of the most popular services offered at Oak Industrial. The demand for office cleaning continues to rise as business confidence grows and more companies hire office space.

Office Cleaning Services in Glasgow

Since 1995, we’ve been providing office cleaning support across Scotland. We started in the central regions of Glasgow and expanded to have locations across Scotland. A lot has changed in the past 20 years, from the equipment used to clean floors to the eco friendly cleaning solutions.

As Oak Industrial has grown so has the support we are able to offer our clients. Washroom service cleaning, handyman services and window cleaning have all be added to help support our clients whatever cleaning requirement they have.

Our growth of office cleaning services in Glasgow has predominantly been supported through word of mouth and existing customers recommending our service to others.

Scottish Office Cleaners For Glasgow Office

If you decide that Oak Industrial is your chosen office cleaning partner for your Glasgow office you should expect the following:

Experience: An experienced and trustworthy office cleaning company with extensive knowledge of a wide range if industries.

Reliability: An organisation that will be there to support you whatever your cleaning needs.

Comprehensive: A full range of support and services so you only ever need to pick up the phone to Oak Industrial and we’ll be there to help.

Quality: Our staff, products, equipment and company are a quality provider of office cleaning services in Glasgow.

Cost of Office Cleaning in Glasgow

As a flexible and reliable provider of office cleaning services in Glasgow we will give you our very best quote. If you have a price in mind we can build a proposition around this for you.

To speak to a director from Oak Industrial about office cleaning services please telephone 01738 632935 where we will be glad to help.

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As commercial cleaning specialists we love the opportunity to clean difficult and complex projects. It’s why we clean everything from offices – desks, floors and kitchen areas – through to the outside of high level buildings. Our specialist heights team can work at any level and have been helping businesses keep their premises clean since 1995. But, none of the buildings we help keep clean are as cool at these buildings.

Today, 6th March 2013, we’re listing our top 10 coolest buildings to clean from around the world. Check back throughout the day as we’ll be adding more and more to the list until we finalise the top 10.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to stay ahead of the next cool office!

Number 1: Innocent Smoothie

Innocent drinks should be issued with a certificate and maybe even a cup for being so cool. From their launch they’ve done things differently and their office is no different. Their packaging wasn’t just a way to bottle their lovely fruit drink but a way to make people laugh. They used comedy openly and we’re afraid to try something new. The same can be said for their office environment. It’s open planned with plenty of green plants and spacious surroundings. The benches and games tables make creativity flow and the meeting rooms are more like a coffee shop than a boardroom.

For this, Innocent drinks must make it into the top 10 coolest offices!

innocent Office






Number 2: Red Bull

You don’t necessarily need wings to work at Red Bull because they’ve installed a slide for their employees to get between floors! This has got to make it into the top 10 coolest office to clean list. The comfortable seating areas, relaxed feel and flowing architecture make Red Bull a stand out place to work. In terms of cleaning it looks fresh and easy to clean.

Would you like to work here?










Number 3: Google

Ah, the internet giant that is Google has done it again. The Google offices include play areas, slides and and a chilled out working environment. Bright colours and vibrant community areas make Google a fun place to work but I’ve no idea how they’ll keep that slide so clean!

Google Offices








Number 4: Horizon Media

Horizon media is a New York based company and their offices are out of this world. The building design is warm, fresh and inviting. The  spacious environment is ideal for cleaning! Super awesome office space!

Horizon Media office








Number 5: ANZ

Melbourne based ANZ have made it into our top 10 coolest offices. They sheer size of the building should be noted but it’s the intricate details that make the difference. The office includes bright break out zones, quiet areas, public cafes and an art gallery! You have to see it to believe it!












Number 6: DTAC

Bangkok based DTAC is a telecommunications company with a difference. The company has created a light, spacious environment for their employees and other stakeholders, with pool tables and fun zones. It must be a hard task to keep all those lights in working order! Can you imagine the electricity bill?









Number 7: Technology Centre Medical Science

The Technology Centre Medical Science is based in Berlin – look how clean it is!! A team of people will clean this building round the clock. The building has to be recognised as a cool office simply because how clean it’s kept. The beautiful architecture is easy on the eye.

Technology Centre Medical Science









Number 8: Moving Picture

The Los Angeles office of Moving Picture is out of this world. The space themed office is a cool office for sure. Fresh and innovative in design and beautifully clean. This must make the top 10 of coolest offices. Moving Picture has worked on popular commercials and it’s not surprising they continue to grow.

moving picture










Number 9: Ogilvy & Mather

The Guangzhou office for Ogilvy and Mather is a carnival of fun. The design of the building is open planned across multiple levels and has the carnival theme running throughout. The design is award winning and worthy of a place in our top 10 coolest offices to clean!

Ogilvy and mather









Number 10: Youtube

Our last cool office in our count down has to be YouTube. I mean seriously, they’ve placed a huge red fun slide in their office. A round of applause is required. Trying to shimmy down the slide slowly to keep it clean must be some task.









There must be more cool offices which we’ve missed out. What do you think about our list? Can you add to it or make it better?

We’ve cleaned car parks, factories, the outside of high rise buildings and cleaned up after flood damage, however some of these buildings would be a fantastic cleaning experience.

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We recently explained about our office cleaning Scotland services as part of our commercial cleaning Scotland support. In today’s changing economic climate it’s important to partner with organisations that meet your similar business standards, that can be competitive on price without compromising on quality.

With almost 20 years experience with commercial cleaning in Scotland, Oak Industrial is a partner you can rely on for your business needs. Our commercial cleaning and washroom services offering has grown through word of mouth since 1995 and continues to thrive today.

Commercial Cleaning Scotland

Each company we work with is unique, they provide different services, operate at different hours and have a different level of support required from Oak Industrial. It’s this uniqueness we love. There’s nothing better than getting to know a company, understanding the complex intricacies that make the business unique and then finding ways to exceed our client’s expectations.

The most important aspect of commercial cleaning for Scottish companies is reliability, which is where we excel. Our commercial cleaning is flexible, reliable and customise to your business need. Whether your business needs daily office cleaning,  one off cleaning, carpet and upholstery services, factory cleaning or a number of any other commercial cleaning services we provide, a director at Oak Industrial will be happy to talk through your needs and create a proposal for your consideration.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Scotland

Our commercial cleaning team in Scotland offer an extensive range of cleaning services for businesses. We split our divisions into cleaning and washroom services. Commercial washroom support includes managing public facilities, ensuring lavatories and toilet areas are clean and tidy, washrooms are well stocked with expected items and the electrical appliances are operating as standard.

Our commercial cleaning team often work with city centre offices to provide daily, weekly or infrequent cleaning of office locations. We can also provide industrial cleaning services for builders, factories and commercial business units.

We own all of our own industrial cleaning equipment and have been operating cleaning offices, factories and helping people and business with flood damage repairs since 1995.

Quick Commercial Cleaning Quote

If you ask us for a quotation for commercial cleaning or washroom services you will be glad you got in touch. Our prices are competitive while our business support and commercial cleaning standards are exceptional.

You can receive a free quick quote from Oak Industrial by giving us a call on 01738 632935 or completing the quick quote form of the side of this page.

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There’s a wide variety of support and services from Oak Industrial and just one of the services we provide is stocking business with the necessary materials to keep their business active.

Many businesses don’t need us to clean their offices or manage their washroom area, but they don’t want an excellent price for the essentials.

Janitorial Supplies Scotland

Our janitorial services means your company can call Oak Industrial and receive quick delivery of the cleaning and washroom essentials. Some of the products which fall into the janitor services we offer include,

  • Delivering toilet rolls, soap, hand towels, bins, vending machine products
  • Helping to select the air freshener fragrance and supplying the air freshener when necessary
  • Support with waste management

Whatever your business need, just give us a call and we can create a plan of how Oak Industrial can help.

Janitorial Services in Scotland

Our janitor services team tailor our support to each client’s need. Whether you have a busy washroom and need our support daily, weekly or monthly, we can customise a plan to suit your needs.

When you partner with Oak Industrial you get our experience and support as standard. Our clients who use our janitorial services also have the benefit of calling on us during emergencies, such as unexpected staff illness or emergency replacement of washroom products. Our clients are essential to how we operate and at the heart of everything we do.

Speak to Oak Industrial

Regardless of the level of support you need, your business can rely on Oak Industrial. Our experience and reputation means we work with businesses in Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and down to the borders. We’re one of the few industrial cleaning companies which operates across the whole of Scotland.

If you would like to hear from Oak Industrial about our commercial cleaning and washroom services, including our janitorial services across Scotland, then please get in touch. You can email us via our website and we’ll call you back or give us a call on 01738 632935. If you’re local, we’re based in Perth at 31 George Street, Perth, Scotland, PH1 5LA so why not drop by and say hello, alternatively, we can come and visit you.


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Good morning!

This week we’re helping companies with their commercial washroom cleaning, office cleaning and a couple of builders cleans in Scotland.

If you’re interested in following Oak Industrial day to day why not like our Google+ page. There’s interesting information and tips on cleaning. We also have a laugh or two along the way.

You can join our Google+ Page here

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As a washroom services cleaning company based in Scotland, it’s easy for us at Oak Industrial to say we are the best company, however, of course we would say that. When you’re hiring a cleaning company you don’t want false claims which are unsubstantiated, and neither do we.

washroom cleanerActually, at Oak Industrial it’s vital that you’re happy with your cleaning company so if there was ever a project where we were not the best company for you we would tell you. In fact, we have been known to recommend other companies. For instance, a company heard about our services in Manchester and wished us to provide washroom cleaning services. Unfortunately we felt we would not be able to meet our own high standards because of logistical problems – we only operate in Scotland – and that our service quality would be compromised. As a result we recommended another company. For us, it’s only the best for every one of our clients or nothing at all.

It’s this honesty that has served Oak Industrial well since 1995. So, that’s why we believe it’s essential to hire the right washroom cleaning company.

I Need a Washroom Cleaning Company

washroom cleaningSelecting your washroom services cleaning company can take time and effort but it’s worth the hassle. In the long term you will have selected a partner who will save your business money, provide reliable support and an exceptional cleaning service.

When you need a washroom cleaning company it’s best to have an idea in your mind of the service, price and quality you expect. You may be over or under your expectations but at least you’ll be able to set a benchmark and move it accordingly.

For example, how many times a day, week or month would you need washroom cleaning services? What price are you expecting to pay? What products are being used and how qualified are the cleaning team?

Which Washroom Cleaning Company Should I Hire?

If you need a washroom services cleaning company then selecting your partner can be difficult. Here are our tips for

  1. Speak to respected industry associates as they may be able to recommend somebody. At Oak Industrial we appreciate when existing or previous customers recommend our services to another company. An Industry associate will be likely to know a local company with the experience to provide a high quality service. Alternatively, they could tell you about companies to avoid!
  2. Check the age of a company. Many cleaning companies are very new to the commercial cleaning industry and that can mean that larger projects can be much tougher to manage long term. Oak Industrial was worked with small companies and large blue chip companies alike since 1995.
  3. How quickly a company can react will make a difference for many companies. You want to partner with a company that can be there when you need them, even if it’s short notice. We have over 100 staff across Scotland.
  4. 4.       Get a quotation! It may eventually come down to price and while we always say look at the value, it can often be that the level of service and experience are tied between a number of companies so the price becomes a factor.
  5. 5.       Finally, before you hire a washroom cleaning company in Scotland it’s always advisable to speak to an existing customer who is receiving a similar service to the one you need. This will help you understand if the company is actually delivering the service it says it can.

Quotation for Washroom Cleaning

We always provide every client with a free no obligation quotation as standard. Furthermore, we’ll detail exactly the level of service you can expect for the money so you have all the information to make an informed decision on your washroom cleaning partner.

If you would like to speak to us about your washroom services cleaning needs please call 01738 632935 and a director at Oak Industrial will be glad to speak to you about your cleaning needs.

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Air Freshener Unit

04 Feb

The trick to managing a successful washroom area is in the scent. The smell of a washroom area will linger in the mind long after a person has left the washroom area. An air freshener unit within the washroom area is a simple, cost effective route to ensure your washroom area smells fresh and clean at all times.

Commercial Air Freshener Unit

The advancement of commercial air freshener units has come a long way. The design and technology used is far more advanced compared to household air fresheners. Our air fresheners for washroom areas are built to meet your needs.

For example, why would you want the air freshener to spray a fresh aroma when nobody is using the facilities? Well, our air freshener units are intelligent and know when to release the fresh fragrance and when it’s not necessary. It’s more than a timer system and it means businesses can be cost effective in their washroom area, without having to worry about compromising the level of quality.

There are various commercial air freshener units and we adapt our service and product range to meet your business needs. Our air freshener units also come with a variety of fragrances. These fragrances are tailored specifically for each commercial organisation.

Business Washroom Air Freshener Unit

Our washroom air freshener units are vital for any washroom services area. Visually, a washroom area should always be cleaned to a very high standard, soap dispensers should be stocked as should vending machines, however often the other senses are forgotten about.

The smell of a washroom area is just as important as the visual aspects. Washroom areas should be inviting and one way to do this is to ensure your washroom smells fresh and clean. An air freshener unit releasing a short burst of fragrance at an appropriate time can be the difference between a positive washroom experience and a negative one.

Why an Oak Industrial Air Freshener Unit?

There are plenty of commercial air freshener companies on the market but nobody like Oak Industrial. It’s because since 1995 we’ve been constantly adapting to remain the best customer service cleaning company in Scotland.

We support our clients from start to finish with cleaning and washroom services. Whether it’s an air freshener unit or washroom cleaning we can help. Our clients know they can trust us whatever the project. Our high level cleaning team, builders cleaning team or washroom services experts will provide the same quality of service for every client.

If you would like to find out more about our washroom services and air freshener units then please telephone 01738 632935.

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