Oak Industrial was formed in 1995 by Iain Lindsay who remains a director of the Company. The growth and success of Oak Industrial is because of our exceptional customer service, highly trained professional cleaning team and attention to detail.

Company Values

The values of Oak Industrial provide our staff with a guide on how we operate and ensure our customers understand what our company stands for. These values are the areas where we

  • Customer service: Is about looking after our customers needs and building long term mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Responsive: Is when something goes wrong. In business things will go wrong, so it’s important that our clients can rely on us to be there to put it right again and quickly.
  • Reliable: Is about providing a service when we said we would. We will be on time and provide exactly the service you expect from a quality commercial cleaning company.
  • Inclusive: It’s essential to help clients with any cleaning or washroom service they need. “Sorry, we don’t do that” doesn’t enter our vocabulary. We are a one stop support service.

These values guide our company in the way we do business. We have the employees, the time and the experience to manage any cleaning or washroom services project for you.

The Oak Industrial Standard

We have placed our continued growth since 1995 down to the Oak Industrial standard. As we all know, most people can clean a desk or hoover a floor. However, it’s not about the action of cleaning, but the quality of the finish. It’s about ensuring the floor or desk is cleaned with the correct products, to the highest of standards and at the appropriate time.

Our standards go further than just cleaning a desk. It’s about integrating around your business to support your organisation grow. At Oak Industrial, we’re more than an outsourced cleaning & washroom services company, we’re part of your organisation and people you can rely on to support your business for the long term.

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